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(Back from Moscow – Novosibirsk and Kemerovo in Siberia)
After the total failure of the Liberals in the parliamentary elections of December 4, 2011, the West opted for a "color revolution"!
The Russian opposition funded by the United States and NATO attempts indeed a color revolution in Moscow and St. Petersburg this December 5. Easy to predict. I explained it in Moscow from October 13 …
But back to the events of the past three days.
On the 4th in the evening, following the calls from the United States (from Tripoli, Libya in early October, the US Senator McCAIN called for an "armed uprising in Russia" …), they had to give up a first coup. 5000 members of NASHI, our comrades of the great Russian movement of the anti-fascist democratic youth, patrolled the streets in particular in Moscow.
Several demonstrations sanctioned and unsanctioned took then place in Moscow. Police arrested a hundred people in the center of the capital.
On December 5, the demonstrators wanted to march to the electoral commission to denounce fraud and pressure in the parliamentary elections and to claim a "Russia without Putin".". The gathering had been authorized by the authorities on a square far from the centers of Russian power, but not the march to the election commission. More than 300 of them were then arrested by the police, not far from the Lubyanka square, where are the headquarters of the FSB, former KGB "for having rebelled against the police," told AFP Arkady Bashirov, a spokesman for the police
The insurgency demontrations gather together the neo-fascists of agitator Limonov, the xenophobic neo-Nazi far right, the Russian Trotskyists, the liberals of the "Other Russia" (sic) of Kasparov, pro-Western NGOs … In short the camp of the anti-Russia intending to sell Russia to NATO!
Behind these rioters, the money of the United States and experts in handling crowds and media of NATO, as the International Network OTPOR-CANVAS (Belgrade).
U.S. Department of State Deputy Spokesperson Mark Toner said on Monday his country would provide greater support to non-governmental organizations in Russia for greater transparency of the March 4, 2012 presidential elections.
"We must spend more to ensure freedom and transparency in the Russian presidential election. We try to support non-governmental organizations and the electoral process itself, not the political parties", said the spokesman of the American diplomacy.
 The State Department budget for 2012 provides for the grant of just over $ 9 million to Russian NGOs.
Mr Toner also acknowledged that the U.S. had provided financial support to the association Golos ("Voice"), an independent (sic) election monitoring organization, whose activity had been criticized by some Russian media on the eve of the election.
The OSCE summit, on December 6, was the occasion of an anti-Russian offensive. Commenting on the critical remarks of U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on the recent parliamentary elections in Russia, the president of the International Affairs Committee of the Duma, Konstantin Kossachev, warned Washington against direct support to certain Russian political forces .
Speaking to the foreign ministers of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) member-countries in Vilnius on December 6, Mrs Clinton said that these elections were “neither free nor fair”.
Needless to say, this statement does not contribute to improving the atmosphere in our relations," said Mr Kossachev.
“If there are actions from the American side aimed at supporting those who Mrs Clinton calls ‘democrats,’ we will react harshly and consistently,” he said, adding that the elections were an internal affair of Russia.
“Only the opinions of observers invited in accordance with international commitments of Moscow are legitimate for our country”, said the MP. After noting that observer missions had already published their preliminary conclusions, he said that the statement of U.S. Secretary of State was clearly intended to invite observers to "definitely make an unfavorable opinion."
In Moscow, they took the exact measure of the events. The "last summit of the CSTO, the Collective Security Treaty Organization, that “anti-NATO", which includes Russia, Belarus, Armenia (detached from the pro-NATO GUAM), Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, devoted its last summit to the relaunch of series of "color revolutions" by the West, via the so-called "Arab spring". "The former USSR has found a vaccine against the Arab Spring” was the headline of Russia Today (October 25, 2011), noting that “Moscow is taking preventive measures with its neighbors”.
Special Forces of the Russian Ministry of Interior were dispatched to Moscow on Tuesday as reinforcements after a massive demonstration of the opposition against the elections.These special troops "have only one goal: ensuring the security of the citizens" as part of a "reinforced”  alert level said Lt. Col. Vasily Pantchekov, interviewed by Interfax news agency after information on trucks of soldiers in Moscow. An AFP journalist saw Tuesday around ten of these trucks parked on the ring road that circles the center of Moscow. Several special forces units, including the Dzerzhinsky Division – an elite unit of the Moscow region – have been mobilized to guarantee public order in the capital, told AFP a spokesperson of the Moscow police.
The coup, failed, is directly supported, here also, here again, by the OSCE, which announced "massive fraud", "the order of 15%," … on Friday from Brussels, so 48 hours before the election!
The concern is that the observers of non-aligned NGOs missions – as ECGA (Poland), CIVIC CONTROL (Russia) or EODE ( the Eurasian Observatory for Democracy & Elections, which participated in missions in Moscow, Krasnodar on the Black Sea, and Novosibirsk and Kemerovo in Siberia) – present in all of Russia, they, attest of free and transparent elections.
In these missions, many MP’s of the European Union, who found the opposite of the OSCE statements. No media space has been offered to these missions, serious and non-aligned in the media of NATO. When they mention "the European observer missions", they speak only of observers aligned with the West! The Central Election Commission (CEC) of Russia has accredited 650 international observers for the parliamentary elections of December 4, according to the CEC Chairman Vladimir Churov. Mr Churov recommended to members of regional commissions to pay particular attention to observers. He also reminded that they had not only rights but also duties. These observer missions were divided, as usual, into two groups: the Western NGOs sponsored by the OSCE, the EU and the United States, and non-aligned NGOs, claiming a scientific and neutralist monitoring.
International observers of non-aligned NGOs “registered no violations during the elections at the Duma (lower House of Parliament) taking place on Sunday in Russia” said to RIA Novosti Mateusz PISKORSKI, a Polish observer.
"The group of observers sent by several NGOs, including deputies of European parliament, national parliaments, experts and political scientists, has visited 48 polling stations in several Russian regions and so far our colleagues have registered no violations, and everyone says that the process is very transparent”, said Mateusz PISKORSKI, head of the European Center of Geopolitical Analysis, and former deputy at the Polish parliament. "The international observers are communicating freely with members of electoral commissions at polling stations, with Russian observers and have no objection (…) The observers work in accordance with Russian laws which clearly state the role of international observers”, added Mr Piskorski.
Non-aligned observers monitored the voting in Moscow and its region, in the Krasnodar Territory (Southern Russia), in the region of St. Petersburg and other Russian regions, as Novosibirsk (Siberia) and Kemerovo (Kuzbass)
 There were certainly transgressions, but without any influence on the election results. According to the director of the political Research Center Alexei Chesnakov, "the level of fraud has declined over recent elections." This is confirmed to RIA Novosti by Mr Piskorski: "They are primarily transgressions of technical nature," he said, adding that "the fraud did not put into question the credibility of the whole election ".
Media under control of NATO with no surprise launched a new campaign of disinformation orchestrated from Washington and Brussels, focused on Putin. The technique is to present "evidence" of pro-Western agitators as those of simple citizens. Note also the presence of many "journalists" among the rioters. According to the Reuters correspondent, “some arrested demonstrators also presented themselves as journalists”. Or how to organize the riots they will show afterwards!
Their "analyses" ignore the major fact of these elections: votes and seats lost by the presidential party UNITED RUSSIA have been mainly transferred to the national-communists of the KPRF, Zyuganov’s Communist Party of the Russian Federation and to the left-wing patriots of A JUST RUSSIA. That is to say to the formations of the patriotic camp that will influence UNITED RUSSIA to a more radical opposition to the West. The Liberals, favorites of NATO, present with YABLOKO in the elections, would be less than 3% and have no seat. The Russians reject permanently and in their vast majority liberalism that led Yeltsin’s Russia, that of the years 1991-1999, to bankruptcy.
REMAINS THUS to the West to attempt a color revolution. The circle is complete!
Sarkozy TV France 24 already evokes a "Russian Spring". Like the so-called "Arab spring" …
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