PCN-SPO / With ELAC – AFP – PCN-TV / January 02 2012
"Armed clashes took place on Tuesday in central Tripoli between groups of former rebels, killing two people," a local commander told AFP.
According to commander Massud al-Kadar (sic), who leads a group of former rebels in Tripoli, "the clashes occurred when Misrata fighters attacked his group following the arrest of a drunk man". For alcohol, once banned under Gaddafi, is flowing in NTC Libya. As now circulate Cannabis, Ecstasy and hard drugs. Juicy traffic from Tunisia and Egypt.
"Members of the group arrested a former Misrata rebel who was drunk. He became violent and insulting the +thowars + (note: the so-called “revolutionaries") who beat him to calm him down," said Commander Kadar.
The former Misrata rebel was later released, "but to our surprise, a convoy of Misrata +thowars+ arrived with light and heavy weapons. We started to talk to them, but one of them fired, sparking clashes that left two dead. "
Journalists from AFP reported earlier that the clashes took place in the center of Tripoli near the former Intelligence building of Muammar Gaddafi and that gun fire were heard.
"Witnesses reported injured without specifying the number and ambulances commuted between the Zaowiah hospital" (eastern suburbs of Tripoli) and locations of these clashes, it was said by the same source.
This fighting involving heavy weapons! "Shots of anti-aircraft gun was heard. Many former rebels have flocked to the scene, some armed with RPG rocket launchers, "according to AFP journalists. The perimeter was cordoned off and closed to traffic.
A spokesman for the Interior Ministry contacted by AFP declined to comment.
"The new Libyan authorities are struggling to disband armed militias of former revolutionaries who make the law in the country since the fall of the former regime of Muammar Gaddafi," said AFP.
"Several militias have moved into government buildings or homes and farms of officials of the former regime." Theft and looting have become the law of the militias. "Others hold roadblocks in strategic locations in Tripoli." And as in Somalia, charge the passage and extort merchants and passers-by.
"These militias have large stocks of light and heavy weapons, taken particularly in the arsenal of the former regime," said again AFP. Forgetting deliveries of weapons from NATO and the United States, particularly in Misrata and around Tripoli.
Recently, the Interior Minister, Fauzi Abdelali, told AFP "a plan for short-term integration of 50,000 former rebel fighters in the forces of the army and security services." This will only strengthen anarchy and their complete hold on a country ruined and devastated.
"But "Somaliazation"of the most developed State in Africa, that Libyan Jamahiriya, which defied the West, was it not at the beginning of NATO aggression the real war aim of the United States ? "Luc MICHEL questions in a recent interview for PCN-TV. "Power on the decline, hit by a severe economic crisis, the United States may have only one way to keep a few years more its imperialist domination of the world: organizing the chaos, beginning with its opponents. Then we can better understand the fate of Ba’athist Iraq or Gaddafi’s Libya and that promised to Ba’athist Syria. The Somaliazation as a weapon, it is the plausible aim of U.S. action. "
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