Euro-Libyan Action Committees
Statement of Luc MICHEL
March 2 2011 
It’s one “Europe”, the tiny “Europe” of Brussels and Strasbourg, with its rotten politicians under the NATO control and the submission to the US imperialism. And it’s another Europe, the true and real Europe, the Greater-Europe from Vladivostok to Reykjavik. This is also the Europe of the fighting Youth, with movements like “NASHI” (Ours) in Russia, “PRORIV” (Breaktrough) in PMR/Transdniester or PCN-J (the PCN-NCP -Youth movement) …
There is genuine sympathy for the fighting Gaddafi and his revolutionary methods to fight Islamist fascism within sections of the Russian ruling elite. This found expression in recent comments made to NEZAVISIMAIA GAZETA by Boris Yakamenko, a top representative of the pro Kremlin’s youth group, the "Democratic Antifascist Youth Movement NASHI" (*).
The leader of Libya, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, has shown the world how to deal with provocateurs who attempt coups, destabilization and civil war. He has begun to destroy them,” he said in a clear reference to the “coloured revolution”, backed by the West in Eastern Europe.
The main patriotic mission of NASHI is to control the street and fight directly the Western paid groups (like the traitors of the anti-Russian pro Western coalition “The other Russia” of the liberal Kasparov, the fascist Limonov and their Trotskist allies) who intend to organise a coloured revolution in Russia. In Middle-East the enemy is the same.
Yesterday, March 1st 2011, the Belgian Television RTBF presented a movie, realised with the French-German TV ARTE, explaining longly that the so-called “Arab spring” is not spontaneous and that the well organised activists behind the Egyptian and Tunisian uprisings – Egyptian “Movement of the 6th April” and their Tunisian and Algerian copies – have received training in 2009 in Belgrade, Serbia, in the International School CANVAS of the pro Western neofascist group OTPOR.
OTPOR, financed by US institutes like Freedom House, linked to Pentagone and CIA, or the Söros Foundation, organised the uprising against President Milosevic in 2000. And after OTPOR trained the similar groups who organised the colored revolution in Ukraine, Georgia, Kyrgistan. And tried but do not succeed in Belarus and Russia. The Logo of the pro Western activists in Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria is also the black fist logo of OTPOR, designed in a similar black emblem on with circle as the Nazi party flag.
Serbian patriots called OTPOR the “Madleen Jugend”, in a association of Madleen Albright, former US secretary of State, who created the group, and the Hitler Jugend. In every countries where OTPOR and its clones organised uprising, they do it with close links with neofascist far-right hooligans. In Middle-East, this role is played by the islamist fascist groups, like the “Muslin Brothers”, long time allies of US imperialism against the Arab nationalist revolutionary States or movements (Irak, Syria, Libya, Palestinian resistance).
(*) French media, for example France 24, say that Nashi is “similar to the Hitler Youth”.
Long ago that nobody believes the lies of the French media. 
Nashi, which have Muslim and black members, fight in the streets the xenophobic and racist neo-fascist gangs. The same ones who support a pro-American “coloured revolution” in Russia (and throughout Eastern Europe, and now in the Middle East).
In the Baltic countries, Nashi has led since 2005 the same campaigns that the PCN-NCP and PCN-J initiated in1998: against rehabilitation of Baltic Nazism, the negation of the Jewish genocide and the anti-Russian xenophobia.
And the organisation model of Nashi is the “KOMSOMOL”, the big Soviet Youth Movement .
Photo :
Luc MICHEL, leader of the Euro-Libyan Action Committees, with Vassili Yakamenko (Brotherv of Boris), top leader of the Russian pro Kremlin "Democratic Antifascist Youth Movement NASHI" (now Russian Minister for the Youth). Head of formation team with French, Walloon and Moldovan officials of PCN-NCP, for the SELIGER 2007 youth camp of NASHI, Tver, Russia, July 2007.
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