Why the time turns for GADDAFI!
ELAC / Euro-Libyan Action Committees
 "He who reigns over Libya for nearly 42 years remains unshaken. Knowing the man, I do not think he’ll go," said in Deauville the outgoing head of the Arab League, Amr Moussa (AFP/27.05.2011).
 "Libya. A war of attrition settles for NATO "(LE TEMPS, Switzerland, 05/24/2011)
The time turns for Gaddafi in the deadly trial of strength that brings him into conflict with Obama and NATO.
The NATO terrorist raids on Tripoli, but also al Jufra or Sebah – to nearly 1,000 km from the fighting where NO event ever took place – mark the headlong rush of French and British leaders, supported by Obama, real mastermind behind the assault against Libya. "Air strikes fail to stop the confrontation between the Libyan parties and are increasing the suffering of the Libyan civilians," said the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The sending of helicopters too. Which responds to the pro-Gaddafi uprisings which oppose for nearly a month now in Benghazi, Derna and Tobruk, Libyan patriots to Islamo-monarchist allies of NATO, al-Qaeda and Tehran.
"USA: The Speaker of the House commands OBAMA to explain himself about Libya" AFP headline this June 3. Repeating only six weeks later an analysis that I had developed since April 18, 2011, during a ROUNDTABLE organized in the framework of the INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE IN SUPPORT OF JAMAHIRIYA “HANDS OFF LIBYA! "(*) with the Association of Libyan Young Lawyers, the Research Center for the Green Book and representatives of Libyan law schools; On the UN resolution 1973 and to demonstrate the illegality of the NATO intervention with many lawyers and jurists. I had pointed out the illegality under the U.S., French or Belgian Constitutional Law, the illegality and unconstitutionality of Western aggression and "the impact of the Law of War, as developed by by the jurisprudence of the wars of secession in the former USSR (PMR / Transdniestria, South Ossetia, Abkhazia High-Karabakh) on the current Libyan case".
Six weeks later, the news confirms my analysis!
The Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, John Boehner, presented on 2 June a new draft resolution on military operations in Libya, commanding president Barack Obama to explain a war that "offends many members of Congress . The draft resolution, introduced and which will be voted on 3 June in the House, states that "the President must provide to Congress within 14 days a report including his explanation of the fact that he has not asked Congress for the green light before starting operations. He also claims, among the many demands of elected officials, "the political and military objectives of the United States on Libya." Elected officials also want to know "the specific commitments of the United States vis-à-vis Libya. The resolution also requests an estimate of the "duration and scope" of operations under U.S. command, and their cost.
Furthermore, the resolution states that the president did not seek authorization of Congress which has not given the green light for operations in Libya. The text notes that the Congressional vote in case of conflict is a "constitutional prerogative". This means that the U.S. aggression in Libya is unconstitutional and illegal.
Finally, the text reaffirms a position already taken last week by the House of Representatives prohibiting the sending of ground troops in Libya.
In addition to this resolution, the House will also vote Friday on another resolution proposed by Democrat Dennis Kucinich calling simply the end of U.S. military operations in Libya.
But the disproportionate cost of the war in Libya also plays for Gaddafi.
Because the finances of the NATO countries do not allow them a long war and much less these terrorist strikes. France, like Belgium or the USA do indeed the war on credit, taking on debt.
And, having made the stupidity of believing the Islamo-monarchists of Benghazi, "Libyans" living in Western capitals and cut in decades from Jamahiri reality, or the rantings of pathological liar Bernard-Henry Levy – who is so qualified by the U.S. press – Westerners had relied on a "rapid collapse" of Gaddafi. It was a huge mistake …
We pass on the case of Belgium, without a government since elections on June 13, 2010, virtually bankrupt state since the 2008 crisis. And whose "government of current affairs" could not constitutionally engage in the war against Libya …
The case of France is particularly instructive. The journal FUTURIBLES (No. 375 of June 2011) shall so ruthless certify French finances in disarray. The authors present a diagnosis without indulgence of the worrying evolution of French public finances:
"France is facing fiscal imbalances on an unprecedented scale in peacetime: having recorded any budget surplus for 35 years and having undergone, like the others, the effects of the financial and economic crisis, its government deficit exceeds, in 2009, seven points of gross domestic product (GDP) and the amount of its debt of 78%. A situation that continues to deteriorate dangerously approaching the critical threshold, which for the debt would be around 100% of GDP. Although France is not the only industrialized country in this situation. But, as explained by Carine Bouthevillain and Gilles Dufrénot in this June issue of Futuribles, unlike other countries, the deficit is not due to productive investment but finances current spending. Because unlike Germany or the United Kingdom, the state is unable to control its expenditure, and France is not in the situation of Japan which has large domestic savings, or the United States States that receive payment facilities thanks to China. "
Their conclusion is terrible for the SARKOZY system: "Must we fear it is insolvent like Greece or Ireland, if not as old Weimar Germany, Mexico, Argentina, Russia …? .
The war in Libya is an aggravating factor in this race to financial disaster.
This inability to support and pay for the war against Libya obviously has direct implications for the puppet "Council" of Benghazi, which has no autonomy from its Western masters.
The so-called "Minister of Petroleum and Finance" (sic) of the TNC stated on May 29 that he had "no more resources", seeking assistance from the international community, in a press statement in Benghazi. "I have no resource, not a single penny," said Professor Ali Tarhuna. "We are in a critical situation, our friends must remember that we are at war," he said. Regarding the frozen assets abroad of Muammar Gaddafi, the minister regretted that the rebellion could not recover them. "Our international financial partners are saying ‘yes, we have frozen, but they belong to Gaddafi, not to you’."
It is far from the dramatic effects in the meetings in Doha and Deauville and promises which are only those of the Western authors … for the NATO media cameras. The US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, however, had promised in Rome in early May to use some of the frozen assets of Gaddafi “to help the Libyan people "(sic). About 30 billion of Libyan assets were frozen by the United States. Pretending to forget, as the Franco-American Christine Lagarde, that the International laws, that still exist, do not permit it.
On the field time turns also for Gaddafi.
Far from the NATO media lies, it is the Islamo-monarchists of TNC, which are increasingly isolated in Libya itself, the only field that really matters militarily, isolated amid a population that is increasingly hostile.
Weary of dictatorship and abuse of Muslim-monarchists in Benghazi, but also of their allies of Al Qaeda – in Derna, in particular, where an "Islamic emirate" has been proclaimed, a growing number of Libyans had indeed revolted from over a month now. The riots of the early days gave way to street fighting, repressed in bloodshed by people protected by BHL, and a ruthless urban guerrilla.
Even on this subject, opened a breach in the wall of lies of the NATO media on Libya …
For the first time, AFP evoked on May 20 in veiled words these events: "In Benghazi, for Friday prayers, many checkpoints have been installed and the cars are not allowed to go near the Sea front where are most of the places of power and the symbols of rebellion. This enhanced security, customary in Benghazi, aims to prevent potential attacks or incidents committed by the regime of Tripoli. "
For the second time, AFP mentions on this June 2, still in veiled words, that urban guerrilla reminiscent of Iraq: "In Benghazi," capital "of the insurgency, a bomb ripped through two cars on the parking lot of a large hotel hosting diplomats, journalists and opposition leaders, causing no casualties, according to an AFP journalist. It was in this hotel that the Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini said on Tuesday that Mr. Gaddafi’s regime was "finished", providing full support to the Transitional National Council (TNC), political arm of the rebellion. The TNC has condemned the bombing, which he attributes to Muammar Gaddafi’s regime. "
But it is in terms of the battle for public opinion in Europe and USA, that the time turns against NATO, its operations are publicly revealing more and more bloody, despite the iron curtain of media lies.
NATO has taken over on March 31 the military operation in Libya, launched on March 19 by France, the USA, Qatar and the UK. But since then, despite more than 9,000 sorties of NATO planes, including nearly 3,500 with a goal of striking, "the conflict seems to be sinking," Reuters noted on May 27. While the toll of Libyan civilians killed by NATO airstrikes constantly gets heavier and appears in all its horror.
It is indeed like that that NATO "protect Libyan civilians " The spokesman for the Libyan government Moussa Ibrahim said on May 31 that 718 civilians were killed and 4067 wounded in the raids of NATO and the international coalition, between the beginning of their operations in Libya, on March 19, and May 26 "Since March 19 and until May 26, we had 718 martyrs among civilians and 4,067 wounded, including 433 seriously," M. Ibrahim said during a press conference citing a report from the Department of Health .
According to the spokesman, these figures do not include casualties among the Libyan troops, a figure that the Department of Defense has "refused" to disclose, "he said.
If there is something on which everyone seems to agree, it is that of this battle for public opinion. The Libyan leadership, especially the Libyan Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Khaled Kaim or the spokesman of the Libyan government, Dr. Moussa Ibrahim, share my analysis.
Which is also that of NATO generals and analysts.
Reuters quoting sources from NATO wrote on March 20, 2011 that "The conflict in Libya could depend on propaganda (…) The handling of propaganda is likely to play a key role in the outcome of the offensive launched by the Western forces in Libya, officialy to do protect civilians against the regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. " The views expressed on the second day of strikes reveals what will be the result of the assault: "From the perspective of the Libyan leader, it is clear that winning the communication battle to acquire or consolidate the loyalty of the population will be crucial for his political survival. But because it was created off the cuff, the international coalition is having difficulty, in turn, to speak with one voice to justify this intervention to skeptical domestic and Arab opinions about its real objectives. For Westerners, this battle is even more difficult because the UN mandate on whose behalf they act – to enforce a no fly zone – puts them at high risk of "collateral damage". Blunders against civilians by security forces specifically charged to protect them from the killings by their regime would not fail to be exploited by Gaddafi for his benefit. He would clearly use the argument to strengthen his interior front and drive a wedge among the allies, many of which are already reluctant to use force. "
"Gaddafi is not crazy. He is surrounded by brilliant people whose lives and liberty are at stake, so they will try to break up the coalition," then analyzed Richard Holmes, a military expert at Britain’s University of Cranfield . Who stressed that "the coalition must avoid over-interpret the mandate given by Resolution 1973 of the UN Security Council. It has no mandate to use ground troops or to arm the insurgents, further that it would be illegal, it would alienate the support of moderate Arab states and would create a nationalist reflex of solidarity around GADDAFI (…)Gaddafi will play the fear that the allies did ruin Libya, as they did in Iraq in 2003 by overthrowing Saddam Hussein. It will be a very seductive argument for both Libyan loyalists as, more broadly, for the rest of the Arabs. "
The war in Libya will be won neither by military action nor air strikes, nor by political or diplomatic maneuvers. It will be won or lost on the front of the propaganda and media war.
The central front in this war lies in Europe. It is in Europe that is the military arm of the NATO aggression – the British imperialists and the neo-conservatives with French passports of Sarkozy’s regime and the Likudniks with French passports who run the EU policy on Libya – and it is the swing in the mood of the European public opinion against the NATO war that will decide the outcome!
(June 2, 2011)
(*)On 17 and 18 April 2011, was held in Tripoli, the first meeting of THE NGO INTERNATIONAL CONTACT GROUP ON LIBYA,
Jointly organized by the Libyan Association "Stop War Foundation”, the National Organization of Libyan Youth, the economic, social and cultural Council at the African Union, the Arab and African Youth Union, the African Youth Forum for Peace and the African Youth Union, with the help of the pan-European networks ELAC – Euro-Libyan Action Committees, and the participation of political parties, organizations and associations from 22 countries: in particular, Turkish Youth Association TGB – Youth of the ANC (South Africa) – SAMOOBRONA (Poland) – PSPU (Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine) – ECGA / European Centre of Geopolitical Analysis – EODE / Eurasian Observatory for Democracy & Elections – International Eurasian Movement – PCN-NCP – MEDD (Movement for European Direct Democracy) …
to "discuss, examine the reality of the situation in Libya and to determine joint actions to defend the Jamahiriya”.
The meeting was held under the sponsorship of the Modernized Humanitarian International Consciousness that instigates the necessity of protecting the Libyan civilians and to relieve them from suffering due to the repeated air strikes by NATO and its allies.
In front of cameras from all over the world, the Libyan authorities were also keen to participate in such talks with the presence of government spokesman Dr. Moussa Ibrahim and Libyan Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Khaled Kaim.


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