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Time is against NATO!
Only a victory of Gaddafi will be a defeat for NATO!
No defeatism, no defeatist pacifism: with Gaddafi to victory!
It is on the level of the battle of public opinion in Europe and the USA, that time turns more against NATO, its operations being publicly revealed more and more bloody, despite the iron curtain of media lies .
NATO has taken over on March 31 the military operation in Libya, launched on March 19 by France, the USA, Qatar and the UK. But since then, despite more than 9,000 sorties of NATO planes, including nearly 3,500 with a goal of striking, "the conflict seems to be sinking," Reuters noted on May 27. While the toll of Libyan civilians killed by NATO airstrikes constantly gets heavier and appears in all its horror.
It is indeed like that that NATO "protect Libyan civilians " The spokesman for the Libyan government Moussa Ibrahim said on May 31 that 718 civilians were killed and 4067 wounded in the raids of NATO and the international coalition, between the beginning of their operations in Libya, on March 19, and May 26 "Since March 19 and until May 26, we had 718 martyrs among civilians and 4,067 wounded, including 433 seriously," M. Ibrahim said during a press conference citing a report from the Department of Health .
According to the spokesman, these figures do not include casualties among the Libyan troops, a figure that the Department of Defense has "refused" to disclose, "he said.
If there is one subject on which everyone seems to agree, it is that of this battle of public opinion. The Libyan leadership, especially the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Libya Khaled KAIM or the spokesman of the Libyan government, Dr. Moussa Ibrahim, share my analysis.
Which is also that of NATO generals and analysts.
Reuters quoting sources from NATO wrote on March 20, 2011 that "The conflict in Libya could depend on propaganda (…) The handling of propaganda is likely to play a key role in the outcome of the offensive launched by the Western forces in Libya, officialy to do protect civilians against the regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. " The views expressed on the second day of strikes reveals what will be the result of the assault: "From the perspective of the Libyan leader, it is clear that winning the communication battle to acquire or consolidate the loyalty of the population will be crucial for his political survival. But because it was created off the cuff, the international coalition is having difficulty, in turn, to speak with one voice to justify this intervention to skeptical domestic and Arab opinions about its real objectives. For Westerners, this battle is even more difficult because the UN mandate on whose behalf they act – to enforce a no fly zone – puts them at high risk of "collateral damage". Blunders against civilians by security forces specifically charged to protect them from the killings by their regime would not fail to be exploited by Gaddafi for his benefit. He would clearly use the argument to strengthen his interior front and drive a wedge among the allies, many of which are already reluctant to use force. "
"GADDAFI is not crazy. He is surrounded by brilliant people whose lives and liberty are at stake, so they will try to break up the coalition," then analyzed Richard Holmes, a military expert at Britain’s University of Cranfield . Who stressed that "the coalition must avoid over-interpret the mandate given by Resolution 1973 of the UN Security Council. It has no mandate to use ground troops or to arm the insurgents, further that it would be illegal, it would alienate the support of moderate Arab states and would create a nationalist reflex of solidarity around GADDAFI (…) Gaddafi will play the fear that the allies did ruin Libya, as they did in Iraq in 2003 by overthrowing Saddam Hussein. It will be a very seductive argument for both Libyan loyalists as, more broadly, for the rest of the Arabs."
The war in Libya will be won neither by military action nor air strikes, nor by political or diplomatic maneuvers. It will be won or lost on the front of the propaganda and media war.
The central front in this war lies in Europe. It is in Europe that is the military arm of the NATO aggression – the British imperialists and the neo-conservatives with French passports of Sarkozy’s regime and the Likudniks with French passports who run the EU policy on Libya – and it is the swing in the mood of the European public opinion against the NATO war that will decide the outcome!
Gaddafi is the heart of the Libyan resistance. And the lock which prohibits US-Zionist imperialism and neocolonialism to seize Libya.
I am often irritated by those who advance peace proposals or other nonsense about "Libyans who should all sit around a table" and forget the atrocities and war crimes – which are real and that the ICT, the so-called puppet "court", of the West does not want to see – of the Islamo-monarchist "rats" in Benghazi.
Often behind we find the interested defeatist drift of leftists or Trotskyists poisoned by the propaganda of the Islamists of Teheran, or directly from paid agents of Iran (*).
Only a victory of Gaddafi will be a defeat for NATO! No defeatism, no defeatist pacifism: with Gaddafi to victory …
Hold on Comrades!
(June 14, 2011)
(*) The Iranian propaganda is against NATO, officially, but especially against Gaddafi. Tehran criticizes NATO but with a forked pernicious tongue, attacks Gaddafi and directly supports the Islamists in Benghazi. Units of Hezbollah, under Iranian control, fight against Gaddafi’s forces in Benghazi (as noted Aïcha Gaddafi a few weeks ago).
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