"We will continue implementing the Belarussian model which has proved its sustainability over the last 15 years,"
 “They want us to bring us to our knees. This will not happen”
(A. Lukashenko on July 3’ 2011)
A general assault is targeted by NATO on all the opponents of the Western New World Order.
After Libya and Syria – the real core of the serial of US-NATO coups, the so-called “Arab revolutions” (sic) -, Belarus and Chavez are the next targets !
“No difference between Lukashenko and Gaddafi” – said NATO puppet Polish FM, launching openly a destabilization campaign against socialist Belarus.
“There is no difference between Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko and Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi”, Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski has said on Friday, Interfax news agency reports. He added that “the situation in Belarus, where Lukashenko is in power, is similar to the Libyan one, where Gaddafi should resign, as he is ruling the country for the last 42 years and this is more than enough.” Dramatic remarks just as NATO is bombing Tripoli.
 The minister has also stressed that he does not exclude Belarus from the process of joining Eastern European countries to the EU, but it depends on the Belarusian government, as “Poland demands that all political prisoners be released from Belarusian jails. The demand is a part of the pro-democratic foreign policy (sic) of Poland, which currently holds the presidency of the EU”.
On July 3, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has warned his opponents against any attempt to revolt against his rule during a military show of force during the Independence Day of this former Soviet republic.
 Some 4,000 soldiers and 160 military vehicles marched in Minsk, and fighter jets flew over the skies of the capital during a parade decorated with folk dances.
Mr Lukashenko, wearing a uniform, has launched a stern warning to the opposition.
 "One imposes unscrupulous scenarios of colour revolution that took place in other capitals," Lukashenko said, referring to the coups that led to pro-US regime changes in other republics of the former USSR, Ukraine (orange Revolution in 2004), Kirgistan and Georgia (rose Revolution in 2003).
 " The goal of these attacks is to sow uncertainty and alarm, to destroy social harmony, and in the end to bring us to our knees and bring to naught the achievements of our independence, This will not happen," warned Mr. Lukashenko.
The opposition had called in vain for a day of protests Sunday and wanted to disrupt the speech of the head of state, riding on the austerity measures in the country facing a serious economic crisis caused by a fraction of Russian oligarchs close to Medvedev. As in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya – the script and the sponsors are the same – the opposition movement "Revolution by social networks" (sic) had called to disrupt the speech of President Lukashenko by asking participants to clap their hands, and to organize two events in the evening. For several weeks, calls for silent gathering have been launched on Facebook and its Russian-speaking equivalent Vkontakte in Belarus. In vain. Opponents failed to disrupt the president’s speech, which took place without incident said a journalist from AFP. And an attempt by hooligans belonging to the far right (Popular Front of Belarus) to organize a riot before the Central Station of Minsk came to a sudden end in the evening, after short clashes with the anti-riot forces.
Poland, with Germany, already supported and paid a trial of insurrection in Minsk, at the occasion of the presidential election in Belarus a few months ago.
And USA and NATO organised several failed “colour revolutions” (sic) on the Serbian – Orange Ukrainian –Georgian pattern since 2002.
All the Western agents – the so-called “activists” – of these “colour revolutions” were trained in Belgrade (Serbia), in the CIA supported Centre CANVAS of the Serbian pro NATO OTPOR group. Since 2009, CANVAS also gives formation in Arabic and trained the activists of the Egyptian, Tunisian, Libyan US coups and the groups which try the same in Algeria and Morocco. As OTPOR leadership proudly recognized in late march. All use the OTPOR logo, a black stylised Fist.
PCN-NCP leadership has launched a call to “unite the work of all the supporters of Gaddafi’s Libya, Ba’athist Syria and Lukashenko’s Belarus”.
PCN-NCP says that “the agression is global, the ennemy the same and the anti-imperialist answer must be global too”.
Particulary PCN-NCP, THE JAMAHIRIYAN NETWORK (MEDD-RCM and ELAC/Euro-Libyan Action Committees), SYRIA COMMITTEES and ICSL (International Committee for Solidarity with president Lukashenko) will coordinate common actions and anti-NATO campaigns.
PCN-SPO-/PCN-NCP Press Office


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