He is the only one among all the analysts and commentators to understand what is happening and take the exact measure of the event …
 Luc MICHEL, leader of the Euro-Libyan Action Committees/ELAC (organizing itscreation that day) and President of MEDD-RCM, announced the Western aggression against Libya and Syria in its video interview in French for PCN-TV in Tripoli on late February 6’ 2011.
In his interview for PCN-TV, , the new communitarian media, on the so-called "Arab spring", broadcasted from the "Green Square" in Tripoli, the Mecca of the Fateh Revolution of 1 September 1969, in front of the barracks from where came the revolutionary officers commanded by Moammar Gaddafi – powerful symbol – Luc MICHEL denounced the so-called "Arab revolutions", in fact US coups d’etat, on the model of the "colour revolutions" attempted and sometimes successful in Eastern Europe since 2000 (Yugoslavia, Ukraine, Georgia … ).
The analysis of Luc Michel was then and is still that it is the realization by Obama of the project of Bush and the neocons said the "Greater Middle East": the installation throughout the Arab world of puppet pseudo "democracies" making pro-US military and Islamists partners in power, under Yankee control. And that the main targets were actually the last two national Arab regimes: Libyan Jamahiriya and Ba’athist Syria.
Prophetic analysis. On the base of confidential informations and geopolitical analysises in a field where he is a recognized specialist, in particular in Libya and Russia…
The Arab world is on fire told Al-Jazeera on February 27. Tripoli is the center of a cyclone. American coups disguised as "colour revolutions" shake Egypt and Tunisia. All this is organized.
In France, the CANARD ENCHAÎNÉ explained by the voice of Minister Alliot-Marie that "Americans have taken over," that it is the army, friend of the Americans, which drove out the president.
In Egypt, WIKILEAKS reveals in its cable that U.S. embassies are paying the three parts, General Souleymane who is the man of the CIA and Mossad in Egypt, but also al-Bahradei and also the Muslim Brotherhood.
Amid all this, Tripoli is calm. Tripoli is an oasis of prosperity. The regime, now since 41 years, of Colonel Gaddafi has brought 41 years of peace and prosperity to Libya.
Of course, I will be told "there is oil," but also in Algeria there is oil, but poverty. Here, the money was used for and by the people. I have come to Tripoli for over 20 years. Every time I see a huge construction site.
I think that Libya, with Syria, is the real target of what is happening in the Arab world. Why? Because Tripoli is an unbearable and triple challenge for the new world order and the U.S. hegemony.
First, an ideological challenge.
Here reigns a system of Direct Democracy where the people took over its administration. This is intolerable in a world where America intends to impose parliamentary democracy, including and starting in the Arab world. This is the famous project of "Greater Middle East", where George Bush failed. Obama is making another attempt at it.
The second challenge for Libya is a geopolitical challenge.
Libya is a bridge between the European unification and the unification of Africa. It is a peaceful bridge. Gaddafi’s vision, is not the war of civilizations. Gaddafi’s vision is the vision of the dialogue of peoples and cultures. In a world where America wants to impose its law again, this worldview is unbearable.
Finally, Libya is an Arab challenge.
Although Colonel Gaddafi has since the 90s moved towards the African unification, he is still a strong moral conscience in the Arab world. When U.S. imperialism with its Persian and Zionist allies occupied Iraq, Colonel Gaddafi was the only one of the Arab heads of state to have had a dignified and combative attitude. At the martyrdom of President Saddam Hussein, the only legitimate president of Iraq, Libya declared three days of national mourning. It raised martyr Saddam Hussein to the dignity of a martyr of the nation like Emir Omar Mukhtar, the head of the Libyan resistance to imperialism and Italian fascism.
That’s why I think they will try one next day soon or later, a colour revolution in Libya. In Syria also where it is going on, but where the Syrian national regime has also resisted.
Our role is to preserve the Libyan Revolution!
Because we are supporters of Direct Democracy.
But also because it is our revolution. Libya is a pilot-experiment. There are here within the system, requests for so-called "more liberalization", in other words to link Libya to the world globalization. There are also people, including in the Green Academy, who want to preserve socialism. We stand for those who want to preserve the Libyan Revolution and its socialist character.
(Tripoli, February 6, 2011)
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