# IN MEMORIAM Andrzej Lepper

Another friend has left us!
Times are tough. A few weeks ago we lost a friend, the founder and president of the Abkhazian Republic Sergei Bagapsh.
Today is another friend who is leaving us, Andrzej Lepper, leader of SAMOOBRONA, former Deputy Prime Minister of Poland and former Minister of Agriculture.
Following its intellectual prostitution, the NATO’s media cover of mud this great politician who passed away at 57 years, this August 5’ 2011. Her crime: refusing to sell off his country to NATO and "European" capitalism and the policy of the System.
We have ten years of excellent relations with SAMOOBRONA, the Self-Defence party of Poland, and especially with its young avant-garde. Who had participated in our "Summer Universities for green, peace and alternative movements", and had fought for our side on the front of the "Republics coming from the cold" (Transdniester/PMR – Abkhazia – South Ossetia).
More recently, Andrzej Lepper had publicly supported the struggle of our Euro-Libyan Action Committees for the Libyan Jamahiriya. He particularly supported the "International Conference STOP WAR ON LIBYA", jointly organized by various Libyan NGOs, the Libyan National Youth Union and the ELAC Committees on April 18 and 19’ 2011 in Tripoli, under the bombs of NATO. And only a family tragedy prevented him from participating.
Andrzej Lepper’s political career took off in the 1990s when he led stormy protests against government policies he regarded as damaging to farmers. As leader of SAMOOBRONA, the Self-Defence Party, he took the party to 11% of the vote in the 2005 general election. He joined forces with Kaczynski’s Law and Justice Party, becoming both his deputy and minister for agriculture.
Andrzej Lepper was not a political professional, but a former boxer (like Serguei Bagapsh) and farmer (like President Lukashenko), he also ran four times for president of Poland. And a ‘Hard man’ following the BBC …
Regarded by his supporters as a champion of the poor, he once promised to order the central bank to print huge quantities of cash to distribute to the needy, if he took power. Andrzej Lepper had also faced political persecution and several charges for acts of civil disobedience such as dumping grain on railway tracks and for defaming fellow politicians.
His advocacy of a new style of economy situated somewhere between capitalism and socialism gained him some unusual friends, such as Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko and Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, Polish radio reported.
Andrzej Lepper present ! The fight continues …
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