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by PCN-NCP Press Office (Brussels-Kishinev)
The FRENCH PEOPLE in its majority is opposed to military intervention of France in Libya. However, MPs voted overwhelmingly for continuing this military action decided on March 19th , 2011, under the sole authority of the President of the Republic.
The alignment of the French political class on the line of French and American neocons is consumed.
In BELGIUM, the citizens, both Flemish and French-speaking, are also largely opposed to the Belgian participation in this NATO aggression. Again, the parliamentary majority voted for. Belgium, in serious political crisis since the elections of June 13th , 2010, has no new government since then. This is the former government, which therefore has no more constitutional legal majority, which manages the affairs known as "ordinary." This government with powers strictly limited by the Constitution has at any stage no power to bind the country in a military operation.
In CANADA, the opposition represented by the New Democratic Party has betrayed its pacific election campaign promises by supporting the government of neocon Harper and also by voting for the continuation of the bombings. Neither the Canadians nor the Quebecers who are opposed to it at more than 63% (June 2011) have been consulted on Canadian participation in this aggression. Even worse, it is a Quebecer, "General" Bouchard, "Bouchard, the butcher of Libya", who commands the NATO operation “Unified Protector” in Libya with a bloody iron fist. There where more and more media recognize the Islamist and terrorist characteristic of the "rebellion" and the NTC, Bouchard and the Canadian government persist in misinformation.
1 / While on 19th March 2011 some might still hesitate – for lack of information – on the legitimacy of this NATO military intervention, decided and initiated by the U.S., Britain and France of Sarkozy, insofar as we were presenting things as "necessary from the point of view of the protection of civilians," now the question is no longer tenable. The Members of Parliament should learn a little in light of what has been known before voting anything.
2 / You have to be blind to say that the Libyan people is largely opposed to the Gaddafi regime when we see the huge crowds that gathered to support him in Tripoli, Shebha (800 km south) and other parts of the country. We have not seen such movements to support the so-called Revolt. There was no movement in Libya similar to those observed against Ben Ali in Tunisia and against Mubarak in Egypt.
3 / We can not condone the " National Transitional Council" in the name and the pretext of human rights. War crimes, serious violations of human rights and international law, and racism against black Africans: the true face of Islamo-monarchist "rebels"of the NTC paramilitary junta appears through hundreds of information news !
This self-appointed Council, elected by nobody, supported by the French, British and American secret services, includes both those who look back nostalgically to the monarchy in Cyrenaica and former leaders of the pro-Western liberal wing of the Libyan regime.
4 / For those who are not convinced of the barbarity of these savages, just watch countless videos where we see murdering in public African immigrant workers falsely presented as "mercenaries" of Gaddafi.
These images (*) are they not crimes against humanity? Such treatments are they not inhuman and degrading treatment? What does the ICC Prosecutor?
5 / Using the NATO forces in the name of "protection of civilians" and especially the forces of the French Republic, Canada and Belgium, to support these so-called "rebels" who commit such atrocities is a disgrace to the Human Rights.
6 / French, Belgian and Canadian MPs can not say after several months they did not know! This is not a revolt but an attempted coup backed by foreign (in exchange for what?). After its failure, an attempt of NATO to turn it into civil war.
7 / It is for the Libyans themselves, to decide whether or not GADDAFI or another to lead their country, without interference of NATO. This case concerns only the Libyans who must maintain their territorial integrity and sovereignty over their wealth without dismantling by the "Crusaders" nor plundering by the oil companies for which ultimately NATO troops fight. "Democracy" can not be of exclusion as required by the West. You want elections in the western style? That the NTC traitor No. 1 runs for elections against Muammar Gaddafi!
8 / This military intervention led to hit civilian facilities (eg University) and especially to massacre civilians including children (**), murders for which our politicians can not waive their liability. Those who initiated this war and those who today call for continuing it by their votes are white-collar murderers.
Humanity is never on the side of the war.
Among the first, if not the first of the fundamental and universal Human Rights is the right of every human being to live in security and peace.
By voting for the support and the extension of NATO’s military intervention in Libya, the French, Belgian and Canadian MPs demean the Human and reduce mankind to the level of barbarism.
In the criminal plan of the "war of civilizations" of the neocons, barbarism seems to be the program, the model for Western society. A similarity to Nazi barbarism which should make them think more. But are there still politicians in Europe who have not made an act of submission to war Atlanticism?
Italy and Norway have already withdrawn from the war of aggression in Libya.
The U.S. did in the first weeks of the aggression following the action of U.S. Congress members against Obama, who had committed the U.S. Army in defiance of the U.S. Constitution.
For the French, Belgian and American MPs to take responsibility!
Because their fellow citizens will ask them for an explanation on this bloody war of aggression and injustice. We already know that the subject will be one of the main themes of the next French presidential election.
We don’t expect anything of the governments that have embarked on this neocolonial adventure.
But you, MPs of France, Belgium and Canada, your political and especially moral responsability is fully committed: HOW MANY LIBYAN CHILDREN ARE YOU STILL GOING TO LET MURDER EACH NIGHT?
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ALAC-African community in Europe / alac.africa@hotmail.com
(*) War crimes, serious violations of human rights and international Laws, and racism against black Africans: here in unbearable images the true face of the pseudo-NTC Islamist and monarchist “rebels”:





















(**) How NATO “protects” the Libyan civilians by murdering their children:


















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