THE GUARDIAN (2011.08.21) / Dennis Kucinich, US Congress : “Time to end Nato’s war in Libya” !
“war as an investment, and at control over Libya’s wealth as an opportunity to make a return on that investment”
Excerpts of Kucinich’s (*) tribune : “Whether Gaddafi goes or not, this costly intervention has thwarted peace talks and betrayed its ‘humanitarian’ mission (…) Nato is assisting rebels who are blocking food, water and medical supplies from coming into the capital city, and is stopping those who need advanced medical care from travelling to Tunisia to access it. Nato is bombing power stations, creating blackouts, and using Apache helicopters to attack Libyan police checkpoints to clear roads for rebels to advance (…) the war against Libya has seen countless violations of United Nations security council resolutions (UNSCRs) by Nato and UN member states. The funnelling of weapons (now being air-dropped) to Libyan rebels was, from the beginning of the conflict, in clear violation of UNSCR 1970. The use of military force on behalf of the rebels, in an attempt to impose regime change, has undermined international law and damaged the credibility of the United Nations. Countless innocent civilians have been killed, and Nato air strikes continue to place many at great risk (…)
So much for the humanitarian-inspired UNSCR 1973 as a means to protect civilians. The people of Libya cannot take another month of such humanitarian intervention. The leading donor nations of Nato – the US, France and Great Britain – have been free to prosecute war under the cloak of this faceless, bureaucratic, alphabet security agency, now multinational war machine, which can violate UN resolutions and kill innocent civilians with impunity. War crimes trials are only for losers. The prospective conquerors, the western powers and their rebel proxies, will then expect to be able to assert control over Libya’s vast oil and natural gas reserves (…)
The US share of the war against Libya has probably exceeded the $1bn mark. This extraordinary amount of money for an intervention that Americans were told would last "days not weeks" could only be explained by looking at the war as an investment, and at control over Libya’s wealth as an opportunity to make a return on that investment. Cynical? Then tell me why else we are at war in Libya.”
(*) US Congressman Dennis Kucinich has been a principled, consistent voice opposing the unnecessary use of force in international affairs. Dennis Kucinich is the Democratic House representative for Ohio’s 10th district. A former mayor of Cleveland and Ohio state senator, Dennis has served seven terms as congressman for Ohio and in November 2010 was elected to serve an eighth. Outside of politics, he has worked variously as a hospital orderly, newspaper copy boy, teacher, consultant, television analyst and author. In Congress, he has campaigned to preserve social security and for the creation of a national healthcare system, to abolish the death penalty and to repeal the Patriot Act, among many other causes.


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