(2011.08.24) /
Message from the leader of the revolution Muammar al Qaddafi to the people of Libya, delivered by phone :
He said that his health is 100% OK and that his sons are leading fights on the fronts.
"My sons the time of the final battle has begun. We have lured the rats out of their holes, all their forces are now in tripoli where they face our mujahideen [strugglers]. 
"All the people should now come out from their homes with ther weapons and take all the areas that the rats have left while marching to Tripoli. Don’t be afraid.
"The leaders of the rats are dying one by one and the rats are facing death in Tripoli. Whoever holds the flag of the traitors is a traitor himself and as a traitor should find the fate he deserves. We are the sons of Omar al Mukhtar, we will not surrender our country to the colonial crusaders.

"For Libya, Victory or martyrdom." 

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