In the evening of August 31, 1969, nearly without effusion of blood, a small group of officers succeeded in overthrowing the plutocratic and philo-American regime of the old king Idriss SENOUSSI. The conspirators are 12 in number. They present themselves as members of a “Council of Command of the Revolution” (CCR). At the head of the CCR, a young 27-year-old captain (he will be promoted colonel a few days later), Moammar Gadhafi. The CCR was to structure itself into a political experiment of direct democracy: “The Third Universal Theory”. Inspired both by PAN-ARABISM inherited from NASSER, by a reformist Islam, anti-fundamentalist, and by a popular socialism, the “Third Universal Theory” (THE GREEN BOOK of Gadhafi) is a great synthesis of a revolutionary Nationalism and of a self-managing Socialism.  
Three decades later, the Revolution is accomplished! Master of its destiny within the framework of a direct democracy, the Libyan people is happy and lives in the dignity.Far from the flashy luxury of oil-monarchs, allies of Washington, far from the Arab mass poverty, the wealths of oil come directly to them. In a world where pullulate generals-presidents and marshals-dictators, GADHAFI is still a colonel. And his revolution, theorized under the name of “Third universal theory” in his GREEN BOOK, inspires the revolutionaries of the four continents. 
Under the impulse of the Jamahiriya, the State of masses, Libya became a Great Nation at the people’s service. Organized in “popular committees” and in “popular basis’ committees”, the direct democracy is at the order of the Libyan politics. In that way, Libya demonstrates faced with the western presumptuousness and imperialism that the true democracy is not there where “one” would want to let believe it, that parliamentarism of the capitalistic government is an anti-democratic fraud. Besides, Libya is in the vanguard of social progress in a region where the multinational and the capitalistic trusts enrich oil-kingdoms and regimes subservient to the USA and anti-democratic. Libya is not only an example for the whole Arab people and the African masses, but also for all real democrats. 
The “Third Universal Theory”, politically realist, has the merit to have analyzed concepts of the French Revolution of 1789, of the Bolchevic Revolution of 1917 and the different social and socialist movements of the 19th and 20th century. In fact, the democratic principle is purged of defects, peculiar to the uncertainty of the different theoreticians of the revolution… The “GREEN BOOK” is a tool of propaganda for a real socialism and for the right of nations to self-determination. The Libyan Jamahirya, that “republic of the masses”, which broke with the fetishism of bourgeois parliamentarism, is a pilot-experiment, in particular for the supporters of the Direct Democracy in Europe, Africa and in Latin America.
That is what the society of “the homo Oeconomicus” cannot stand and it is why the dictatorship of the new Carthage and its western lackeys apply towards the “Arab Libyan Jamahiriya” a policy of constant aggression. 
In a big media bazaar, the “LOCKERBIE” and “UTA DC10” affairs were in this context a foul pretext to penalize revolutionary Libya, unique direct Democracy. The country has been hit during more than ten years by an unjustified embargo, intended to break its people and to plunge it into poverty, insidious genocide renewed afterwards in Iraq. Nothing changed it! 
And the one the western propaganda qualifies as a “terrorist” became the wise man of Africa, towards whom turn the elites of a continent tired of neocolonialism and civil wars fueled by imperialism. 
After NASSER, Gadhafi wanted to organize and to structure only a Great United Arab Nation. It is necessary to specify that at the conclusion of each of the Union treaties proposed by Libya, imperialism exerted financial and political pressures on the contacted countries. But for 15 years, in front of the enormous difficulties of the Arab project, the African unity had become the new work of the Jamahiriya. And the first successes have been already materialized. 
Because the guide of the Libyan Revolution, after having ploughed the sea to tempt to make the pan-Arab unity, the dream of his youth, turned himself pragmatically towards the Pan-African unity and fought with success for the " United States of Africa ". A project and no more a dream, turned towards the 21st century and oriented towards the binding with the European union and towards peace and unity between the peoples of the Mediterranean. 
This was intolerable to the American-Zionist imperialism and the new world order made ​​in US / NATO.
First, an ideological challenge.
Here reigns a system of Direct Democracy where the people took over its administration. This is intolerable in a world where America intends to impose parliamentary democracy, including and starting in the Arab world. This is the famous project of “Greater Middle East”, where George Bush failed. Obama is making another attempt at it.
The second challenge for Libya is a geopolitical challenge.
Libya is a bridge between the European unification and the unification of Africa. It is a peaceful bridge. Gaddafi’s vision, is not the war of civilizations. Gaddafi’s vision is the vision of the dialogue of peoples and cultures. In a world where America wants to impose its law again, this worldview is unbearable.
Finally, Libya is an Arab challenge.
Although Colonel Gaddafi has since the 90s moved towards the African unification, he is still a strong moral conscience in the Arab world. When U.S. imperialism with its Persian and Zionist allies occupied Iraq, Colonel Gaddafi was the only one of the Arab heads of state to have had a dignified and combative attitude. At the martyrdom of President Saddam Hussein, the only legitimate president of Iraq, Libya declared three days of national mourning. It raised martyr Saddam Hussein to the dignity of a martyr of the nation like Emir Omar Mukhtar, the head of the Libyan resistance to imperialism and Italian fascism.
The answer to this triple challenge was the coup of NATO on February 15, 2011, and after its failure, the military aggression and from August 21 the direct invasion.
 But Gaddafi and the Libyan people did not collapse and resist. Despite six months of bombing and war carried out directly by the forces of NATO and the United States and their Islamist-monarchist militia auxiliaries of the pseudo- NTC.
It is this untameable man and the Revolution that he guides that we have supported without fail since a quarter of century, in the good and the bad days. Because GADDAFI is with the CHE the figurehead of the revolutionary committed in the anti-imperialistic fight. Because his fight for the dignity and the peoples’cause is ours. And also because the “Third universal theory”, doctrine of the Pan-African unity, with its “direct democracy” – of which the application in Libya is a precious pilot experiment –, and our “European Communitarianism”, doctrine of the European unification that announces the universal state, are sisters and stem from the same will of justice and equity, carried by the same will of national and social liberation.
 The Libyan Revolution is 42 years old. It is fighting for its very existence.
 It has seen coups, aggressions, conspiracy. But it is the march of history and it fights!
 We are with it, no matter what will happen. RESISTANCE!
With Gaddafi and the Libyan people,
RESISTANCE, mobilisation !
ELAC-RESISTANCE / Euro-Libyan Action Committees
ALAC / African-Libyan Action Committees
MEDD-RCM / Movement for European Direct Democracy (Paneuropean Network of the Libyan Revolutionary Committees Movement)


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