The fight continues:

"We must wage a campaign of attrition day and night until these lands are cleansed from these gangs and traitors"





Muammar Gaddafi said that he "will not surrender" and "will continue the fight" in written excerpts from an audio message released Thursday by the courageous Arrai television. "We we will not surrender. We are not women and we will continue the fight," he said according to the excerpts broadcast by the satellite channel Arai based in Syria, which announced that the audio message would be broadcast later.


Moammar Gadhafi’s son Seif al-Islam vowed this Wednesday to fight to the death, insisting no regime loyalists would surrender to the rebels.

Seif al-Islam said he was speaking from the “suburbs of Tripoli’ and insisted his father was fine. "We are going to die in our land," he said in an audio statement broadcast on Syria’s Al-Rai television, claiming he was speaking for loyalist leaders who had met in the Gadhafi bastion of Bani Walid. "No one is going to surrender."

"We must wage a campaign of attrition day and night until these lands are cleansed from these gangs and traitors," he said in a statement broadcast on the Syrian-based TV channel. "We assure people that we are standing fast and the commander is in good condition," Saif said, adding that there were 20,000 loyalist soldiers ready to defend Sirte.



Gadhafi’s chief spokesman, our brother Moussa Ibrahim, also rejected a rebel ultimatum for loyalists in Sirte to surrender by Saturday or face an attack. "No dignified honorable nation would accept an ultimatum from armed gangs," he said.



The fight continues !




ELAC-RESISTANCE / Euro-Libyan Action Committees

ALAC / African-Libyan Action Committees

MEDD-RCM / Movement for European Direct Democracy (Paneuropean Network of the Libyan Revolutionary Committees Movement)


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