A "call asking Algerians to revolt on 17 September" was launched on the Internet and social networks.
 As our organization, the Algerian leaders denounce a plot organized by Americans, NATO and Zionists, and operated by the Islamists (al-Qaida Jihadists and other Muslim Brotherhood)!
In Algeria, the networks of destabilization are in place since late 2010. They got already their hand in late January. "Algeria has experienced its own protests earlier this year, it contained with the help of a violent police, grants and division within the opposition," said the BBC.
 The Libyan crisis and the new assault against Syria have simply postponed their operation having in mind a pro-Western coup.
Behind these networks we find the Arab activists trained in Belgrade and the USA by the OTPOR network and its subversion school CANVAS, backed by CIA.
CIA/SÖROS backed OTPOR is behind the so-called "Arab revolutions"
Srdja Popovic, who now runs the Belgrade-based Center for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies, or Canvas, confirmed it during an interview with The Associated Press, in Belgrade, Serbia. Veterans of OTPOR movement went on to create an organization that trained in Serbia and the USA pro-Western mercenaries in the art of subversion, under pretext of “peaceful revolution” (sic). They trained one of the main youth groups at the center of the Egypt’s revolution, and believe “that influenced the Libyan rebellion”."It is likely that some Libyan youth groups got the idea on how to oust Libyan leader Moammer Gaddafi from the Egyptian activists whom we have trained," said former Otpor leader Popovic. OTPOR also organized groups in Tunisia, Yemen, Bahrein, Morocco. And in Algeria. (1)
According to my analyses – "The Arab world is on fire" (on PCN-TV) – exposing the true nature of the so-called "Arab spring" from the beginning of February 2011 (2), the book ARABESQUE AMERICAINE by Ahmed Bensaada also exposes "the role of the United States in the revolts of the Arab street "(3).
 Today patriot Algerian party leaders and the Algerian government itself make the same accusations as we do.
For Louisa Hanoune, leader of the Workers Party (Parti des Travailleurs, PT), this call launched on Internet inciting the Algerians to rebel on September 17, “is backed by CIA, al-Qaeda and Mossad services”.
It was at the meeting of the Political Bureau held this September 14 at the headquarters of her party that Louisa Hanoune has posted her "concern about the Libyan crisis that directly affects the stability and security" of Algeria. The Secretary General of the PT believes that "Algeria is not immune to a crisis that, if decisions are not taken, could shake its stability." More explicit, Louisa Hanoune said that "Algeria is included in the list of the U.S. plan said the Greater Middle East (GME)". As proof, the PT believes that "the call from an anonymous source, posted on websites and on the social network site Facebook calling on Algerians to revolt against the regime on September 17, is backed by the CIA, Al Qaeda like the Mossad, who are trying to destabilize our country, as was the case in Libya, Syria, Yemen … "
The anonymous call – as in Libya in early February or Syria in January and this summer – to protest on September 17 in Algeria made react the Algerian Interior Minister Dahou Ould Kablia.
 In a statement issued Thursday, Sept. 15 in the Arabic-language newspaper ENNAHAR, the minister accused the "foreign parties" in relation with the "Zionist entity" to foment unrest in the country.
Concerned about this call, and warned by the events of Libya and Syria, the security services have so multiplied in recent weeks the investigation to try to find the perpetrators and their motivations. The RG (General Intelligence services) have discreetly questioned some leaders of Algerian social networks to gather information on the alleged event. They also "dawdled" in the net trying to find out more about this call. What confirms in veiled terms the Interior minister. "If it was people from home, we would have unmasked and arrested them, but the clues point us to foreign parties in connection with the Zionist entity," said the Interior Minister without giving further details to daily Ennahar.
According to this newspaper, Mr. Ould Kablia cites as "proof" the selected date: the signing of the Camp David accords between Egypt and Israel was held on September 17, 1978 and the massacres of the Palestinian camps of Sabra and Shatila were carried out on 16 and 17 September 1982. A "Zionist conspiracy" thus …
 If the minister excludes that the call, still anonymous, is the work of Algerians, he said they are foreigners, in collusion with the Zionists who are behind.
 "Who are these foreigners? What is this Zionist entity that has united against the government of Algiers? Why the minister who gave an importance to this call by launching an investigation keeps to disclose the identity of the perpetrators of this plot, preferring to hide behind the comfortable word "Zionist entity"?”, asked DNA, an opposition site.
“In truth, the Interior Minister is only the echo of several writings as relayed on the web and in the columns of a part of the Algerian press suggesting that the French philosopher Bernard Henry Levy (BHL) , a native of the town of Beni Saf, in Western Algeria and known for his sympathies with Israel is behind this call," still comments DNA
We know the role of BHL in the aggression against Libya and Syria.
 The philosopher- copyist and writer has long poured in French and international media on the pro-American riots in Libya and Syria; he "supported the Libyan rebels who rose up against the Gaddafi regime ". But also calls for intervention in Syria.
The military spokesman of the NTC, Ahmed Banni, publicly discussed the appeal of the September 17, in an interview Thursday, August 25 at the BBC.
 Asked about the alleged support given by Algiers to Gaddafi’s regime, Banni stated: "Everyone knows that there are calls on Facebook to protest on September 17 …".
Algeria, which shares a long border with Libya did not recognize the NTC, is highly criticized by the rebels. Algiers will "respond of (its) attitude vis-à-vis the Libyan revolutionaries (sic)," said the NTC.
Threat immediately acted upon. Al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), an ally of the NTC where the terrorist organization is represented, has already claimed a double suicide attack that killed 18 people and injured 26 in Algeria, blaming in particular Algiers for its "support for the regime of (Muammar) Gaddafi." AQIM says this attack, cynically called the "gift of Eid," made 36 dead and not 18. The terrorists said they wanted to "hit the heart of the Algerian military institution , symbol of the regime."
When the NTC promises that Algeria will have to "be answerable", it alienates so many of the Algerian public opinion, including those who supported the Libyan rebellion. With the support granted to them by NATO (which will not be always present) and intoxicated by the capture of Tripoli, Libyan revolutionaries seem tempted by a battle with their Algerian neighbor, as shown by their decision to renaming the "Algerian revolution" square in Tripoli, in "Doha square" (the voice of his master …).
Relations have deteriorated quickly between Algiers and the NTC, "especially that the Algerian, hostile by his tumultuous history to any Western intervention has a negative image of the NTC, which was established in Benghazi on February 27, he rightly sees as copy and paste of the Iraqi NTC, a small group guided by the CIA which led the organized chaos in ancient Mesopotamia. Iraqi NTC – Libyan NTC – Syrian NTC : imperialisme has no much imgination ! Several influential politicians, including the general secretary of the National Liberation Front (FLN), one of the coalition parties in power, did not mince their criticism of the NTC “Libyan” rebellion when the latter received military support from NATO.
 During the assault of special forces of NATO and of the "Brigade of Tripoli" (sic) of the jihadists of Al Qaeda on Aug. 21, the Embassy of Algeria was voluntary sacked by the NTC leaders. The smoke from the Algerian Embassy in Tripoli was not a false alarm.
Algeria has already two neighbouring countries that have shifted in the Western coups, Tunisia and Libya. This is the only Arab country in this case today
The recent statement by AKP Turkish Foreign Minister, , political and diplomatic spearhead of the joint assault of NATO and the Islamists in the Middle East on behalf of the United States, on current events in Libya, "a lesson for leaders in the region," which "shows that those who do not listen to their people can not stay in power," aims directly the Bouteflika regime.
Toppling over Algiers is capital for the imperialist projects in the Middle East.
 – Firstly because Algeria is the last free country with Syria on the Arab front.
 – Secondly, because a free and Arab Algeria will be a support for the Libyan Resistance that Gaddafi organizes in a ruthless fight against the occupying imperialists and traitors of the NTC.
          Finally, because Algeria also has capacity for intervention against the petty King of Morocco, loyal poodle of the United States who is directly involved in the military aggression against Libya (what is hidden to Moroccans). This via the Polisario Front – ally of Algiers and Tripoli (a Polisario Brigade combats already in Libya) – and the leverage of the Saharawi conflict (formerly Spanish Morocco, illegally annexed by Rabat).
The Algerians have before them the example of other Arab countries hit by the so-called "Arab spring". Tunisia and Egypt, handed over to greedy military and the Muslim Brotherhood with a ruined tourist industry and economy. Libya destroyed, devastated, in civil war, occupied by the new crusaders of NATO. Syria and Yemen to fire and sword …
 The West, the Zionists, the radical Islamists are the horsemen of the Apocalypse of the Arab world. Will the Algerians be able to see it in time?
(Source: DNA-Algeria / Ennahar / AP / PCN-SPO / La Liberté d’Alger)
Notes and footnotes :
(1) Photos documents on the OTPOR-CANVAS Network:
(2) PCN-TV, “The Arab world is on fire”: Interview in French of Luc MICHEL for PCN-TV, on the so-called “Arab revolutions” (Tripoli, February 7, 2011).
(3) ARABESQUE AMERICAINE. The role of the United States in the revolts of the Arab street, by Ahmed Bensaada, published by Michel Brûlé, Montreal, Quebec.
This book takes – without going to mention it, but let us not quibble! – my analyses on the "US coups of the "Arab Spring "(sic),
To read to teach the idiots who still believe in "the revolt of the people", in the media of NATO as in some far left. Or to expose the media lies and appalling impostors of the pro-Iranian press on the "revolutionary character" of these pseudo-rebellions and their "recovery by the United States."
It is purely and simply as we have always said from day one about coups, carefully orchestrated and prepared by special services of NATO. With the help of mercenaries from the West, professionals of destabilization made ​​in NATO, "OTPOR & Company”…

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