Since the bloody atrocities during the taking of Benghazi in February this year, we have repeatedly denounced, photos and videos in support of this, the war crimes of the pseudo- NTC Islamo-monarchists.
The documents often unsustainable that we widely circulated on the Internet and social networks have earned us a ruthless censorship by operators such as Facebook or YouTube, on pretext of "improper publications" (sic) and many restrictions and closures of accounts.
As for the NATO media, they have responded with a deafening silence of almost seven months …
Today, in the West made in USA, the wall of silence is crumbling! Thus, Amnesty International has accused on September 13 the NTC militia for committing abuses that in some cases, constitute war crimes.
In a report of 122 pages – "The Battle for Libya: Killings, Disappearances and Torture " – the Western organization for defense of Human Rights notes that "the National Transitional Council seems unwilling to hold the rebels responsible of violations of human rights. "
"The NTC is faced with the difficult task (sic) to control the opposition fighters and vigilantes responsible for grave violations of human rights, including possible war crimes, but is reluctant to hold them accountable, "said Amnesty. "The opposition fighters and their supporters have taken, arbitrarily detained, tortured and killed former members of security forces, suspected of loyalty to Gaddafi, and captured soldiers and foreign nationals suspected wrongly of being mercenaries fighting for Gaddafi, "said Amnesty.
Among the many examples of human rights violations, Amnesty evokes a particular case, at the beginning of the insurgency, where a number of Gaddafi’s soldiers captured by rebels were "beaten to death, at least three of them were hanged and others were shot after being captured or had surrendered. " All this appeared in the videos we have broadcast since last April …
NTC officials have "also done little to correct the erroneous assertion that the men from sub-Saharan Africa were mercenaries," says Amnesty.
The same report violently attacks the pro-Gaddafi. And Amnesty clearly leans toward the opponents of the Libyan Leader. But the concern is that the so-called "crimes" of Gaddafi are based on "indirect evidence" or "anonymous ones". Or on the statements of the ICC, which are known since the false "arrest of Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi late August" certified by the Attorney General of the ICC, to be little more than the price of lies. And not based on documents as terrifying as those accusing the rebels …


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