Spokesman for the Libyan government, our brother Moussa Ibrahim on ARRAI TV (Syria), by phonecall, this September 16’ 2011 :
1) All attempts aimed at penetrating our front failed and we have the ability to continue for months and months, although the fierce attack and bombing by nato is unbelievable.
2) Qatar today wants to make its people not look extremists, they said… they were liberals like Mahmoud Jibril, backed by France and Britain, the biggest ally of the groups that destroy and kill in the name of religion, the crusaders.
3) Algeria is also targetted because it’s a major economical power in Africa and has vast resources and also follows the anti imperialistic and humanitarian way in politics and refuses to bow to the dogs of imperialism.
4) We know that there are differences between the countries of NATO, Turkey, France and other demons, but they have found common ground to divide Libya for their economical profil.
5) It’s not a conspiracy against Libya alone, the conspiracy is against Egypt, Algeria, Libya, all the ountries that have made a vast economy and that have a lot of natural resources.
6) Arabs should know that this is the launch of the project of colonialism in North Africa, and we are targeted by the project because we are the owners ( meaning the onews that have the knowledge and keep on holding ) of Arabism and Islam and humanity.
Finally, Moussa Ibrahim said to Libyan Resistance fighters and true Libyan patriots to not listen media news in order not to take advantage of the enemy to make you into a state of panic and muddle and when we want to give orders and instructions we will do it through ARRAI channel.
Thanks you brother Mousa for clarifiying to people that they dont need to fall in traps of Nato dogs.

(sources : Libyan Free Youth, ELAC-RESISTANCE) 

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