Karachi affair: the intermediary Takieddine wants the lifting of defense secrecy and evokes for the first time the "affair" with Tripoli. Towards "Tripoligate"!?
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We remember the statements of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi in March denouncing Sarkozy’s dirty money from Libya. I mentioned then a future "Tripoligate", as part of the record of the famous "Karachigate" … We’re getting there. Here Tripoli appears precisely in this "Karachigate"!
The intermediary in weapons Ziad Takieddine, indicted in the financial aspect of the Karachi affair, on Thursday called Nicolas Sarkozy to lift the defense secrecy on both contracts in the heart of the investigation, while delivering his version of the degree of involvement of right-wing leaders. "I tell the President of the Repubic, I suggest: Stop right now, since you are the guarantor of the Constitution, lift the defense secrecy on all contracts, including Agosta, particularly on Sawari II," he said on BFMTV.
Mr. Takieddine evokes the sale contracts of Agosta submarines and frigates Sawari II, respectively, with Pakistan and Saudi Arabia in 1994, in the center of the investigation of judges Renaud van Ruymbeke and Roger Le Loire.
"Let’s stop talking about anything on anything!", pleaded the Franco-Lebanese businessman. Speaking again of the head of the French state, Mr. Takieddine launched: "Frankly, he must do that immediately, within 24 hours. It is worthy, he is worthy, he will do it”.
As much Judge Marc Trévidic, investigating the attack in Karachi in 2002 as judges Van Ruymbeke and Le Loire, responsible for investigating possible financial wrongdoing on the sidelines of the two contracts, clashed several times with defense secrecy.
In November 2010, Judge Van Ruymbeke could not search the premises of the DGSE in Paris and disclosure of classified tax documents from companies marketing weapons has been repeatedly denied.
Such documents could help trace the circuit of commissions, legal at the time, paid on these contracts. The judges are looking into whether these commissions were able to finance, illegally, the presidential campaign of Edouard Balladur in 1995.
"Personal relationship"
Mr. Takieddine has explained his relationship with the secretary general of the UMP, Jean-François Copé, and the interior minister, Claude Guéant and charged Dominique de Villepin.
"Mr. Guéant is a friend I accompanied in all the steps I have made, ALL INCLUDING LIBYA", he said in reference to the release of the Bulgarian nurses in July 2007, when Mr. Guéant was secretary general of the Elysée.
For his part, Claude Guéant fiercely denies. The evil genius of Sarkozy recently said “there was no commercial negotiations" for the businessman in the release of the nurses in Tripoli.
"He gave me elements of atmosphere on what was happening in Tripoli, but the negotiations took place directly with Gaddafi and his Prime minister," said Guéant.
The Franco-Lebanese businessman also said he had never sought the intervention in his tax file of Jean-François Copé when he was budget minister (November 2004 – May 2007).
"Jean-Francois Cope, being budget minister, I never, ever, and that one proves it to me, never asked for any intervention. I never asked," he said, admitting with Mr. Copé a "personal relationship".
He also attacked Dominique de Villepin, who said that Jacques Chirac had ordered a halt to the payment of commissions on contracts after his election in 1995 because of suspicions of kickbacks (retrocommissions). "Where did go the supposed money that was stopped? I know that this money was not stopped," he said. "This money was transferred to another destination, the one I know and that I will keep for the President of the Republic, and justice, that’s all. Who stopped it is going to respond, will have to respond. I speak of Mr. de Villepin", he said.
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