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Libya: Moussa Ibrahim, spokesman for the Jamahiriyan leadership, denies his capture and draws a picture of the counter-offensive of the loyalist GREEN ARMY on all fronts …
Our brother Moussa IBRAHIM, spokesman for Colonel Gaddafi, has directly denied on Saturday he was "captured by the fighters of the NTC," during a telephone intervention broadcast live by ARRAI television based in Syria.
"This information is a lie and does not reflect reality because I was near the Sirte front with 23 fighters. We were under attack by very well-armed rebels for more than a day and a half. We suffered fatalities " , he said, referring to the ongoing fighting for two weeks in this loyalist stronghold and birthplace of Muammar Gaddafi, 360 km east of Tripoli.
"We could eventually go to other fronts," he added.
On Thursday, commanders of the National Transitional Council (NTC) said they had arrested Mr. Ibrahim. But his capture had been denied as soon as Thursday evening by the site ELAC-RESISTANCE and the next day by another pro-Gaddafi website.
On Thursday 6 p.m., from Brussels, Luc MICHEL for ELAC-RESISTANCE, issued the following statement: “The news about the death or capture of our brother Moussa Ibrahim, spokesman for Muammar Gaddafi, are false and have already been denied by the Libyan Resistance. NATO and its media under control want to demoralize us. Do not listen!
 SHAME on the Russian sites, such as RIA Novosti, which also broadcast this false information…”
"Moussa Ibrahim was not arrested, this is a false rumor designed to divert attention from the rebel movements (…) and their failure to face the strength of the heroes of Sirte," asserted Friday morning the site of the television ALLIBIYA.
Several sources within the new Libyan authorities had said in recent weeks that Moussa Ibrahim was in the oasis of Bani Walid, surrounded by the anti-Gaddafi forces. This loyalist stronghold 170 kilometers southeast of Tripoli, also resists the offensive of the NTC forces. In fact, Moussa Ibrahim moves with loyalist mobile columns on all fronts where the Jamahiriya counter-attacks!
M. IBRAHIM, speaking regularly on the channel ARRAI, stated also that "Bani Walid was completely cleaned and the bodies of the NATO agents (the traitors of the NTC, ed) lie near the city ​​and in the mountains. "
"The news from Bani Walid is excellent, Bani Walid (means) death (for the NTC forces), hospitals are full" of anti-Gaddafi fighters, he added.
As for the situation in Sirte, he reported "violent bombardment with tanks and Grad rockets (..) that destroyed entire neighborhoods and houses (…) forcing hundreds of residents to leave the city. "
M. IBRAHIM has also reported incursions of pro-NTC fighters "in villages pushing whole tribes to leave."
He secondly said he "personally contacted the media and international organizations urging them to enter Sirte to see" for themselves "but that has lasted already one month and so far no one has come, why ? This is clearly a conspiracy. "
As for the situation on Saturday in Sirte, he said that "according to the latest information (…) (pro-Gaddafi) fighters led a qualitative attack east of the city, repelling (pro-NTC) forces several kilometers. "
"The Southern and Northern fronts are going well, we expect an intensification of fighting (…) from tomorrow on the Western and Southern fronts, but we are ready, we have a large number of fighters on the Western Front" , he added, saying that NTC forces are fighting "on five fronts in Sirte supported by NATO aircraft and very modern weapons."
Moussa Ibrahim finally indicated that the pro-Gaddafi forces led attacks in several parts of the West of the country, including Zliten, Tripoli, Aziziyah as well as Tarhouna of which he called the tribes to send volunteers to the fronts of Bani Walid and Sirte.
Service de Presse du PCN / PCN-NCP Press Office /
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