Ridicule does not kill … EXCEPT in politics!
PCN-SPO/ Press Review/
(2011/11/09 / L’Echo des Savanes (Paris) / Drugstore publisher)
…To read, to make read: the issue of Sept./Oct. of the French review L’ECHO DES SAVANES, "Sarko the end?", a "special Sarko comic strip" that shoots down the furious man of the Elysee …
 With extracts of the four anti-Sarko comic strip albums published by the publisher DRUGSTORE (Paris): CHRONIQUES DE NICOLAS Ier – SARKOZY ET LES RICHES – CHASSEURS DE SCOOP – BUSINESS IS BUSINESS
They are all there: the guys and villains of Sarkozy, industrials, politicos, “presstitutes” journalists, phoney intellectuals… All foul, all rotting, all impostors!
With a special mention to BUSINESS IS BUSINESS for its  portrait of the ineffable BHL, Bernard-Henry Levy, renamed "Paul-Edmond Chemise (Shirt)". BHL as ridiculous in a few strips than under a cream pie from our friend Noel GODIN, the “entarteur” (French nickname for a prankster who throws custard pies at celebrities as BHL)
Ridicule does not kill … EXCEPT in politics!
These anti-Sarko comic strips are a work of public health. To consume without moderation …
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