Red Square, in front of the Kremlin, December 2, 2011, Luc MICHEL analyzes the issues of the election cycle in which Russia undertakes: Duma elections this December 4, 2011, and presidential elections in March 2012. He expresses concern because these elections will be the occasion, announced and organized, of a vast operation of destabilization by the United States and NATO, whose aim will be a "color revolution" in Russia against Vladimir Putin and the Russian national recovery that he has begun.
A "Russian Spring" in the wake of the "Arab spring"?
This is our analysis since the beginning of this year 2011! (*)
At the maneuver against Russia, not only the Network OTPOR / CANVAS funded by the CIA, but also the instruments of the United States in Europe and the OSCE. The political-diplomatic maneuver is provided in the "European" Parliament by the powerful anti-Russian lobby.
"Until now, European leaders appeared to believe" that Russia was a democracy, has said on behalf of the Parliament’s largest political group, the Estonian conservative Tunne Kelam. "That time has passed, we must respond in the same way as we did about the Arab spring. It could also be a Russian spring, and we must take this into consideration" …
This Estonia, which rehabilitates former SS and whose CADET SCHOOL bears the name of Anton Rebane, commander of the Estonian SS division. All this in the EU and NATO without shocking the “European" Parliament!
The European Parliament has so called on Wednesday the organization of "new free and fair elections" in Russia, because of "numerous irregularities" (sic) found in the legislative elections of 4 December. In a resolution, non-binding, approved in Strasbourg on the eve of EU-Russia summit in Brussels, the Parliament "calls for new free and fair elections to be held after the registration of all opposition parties."
The resolution also stresses that Moscow should "revise its electoral laws" to "ensure that the 2012 presidential election is free and democratic, ensuring equal opportunities for opposition candidates." You said "Western interference"?
The head of European diplomacy, who has never solved anything, starting with the defense of the true interests of Europe, Catherine Ashton, said on Tuesday in Parliament that European leaders meant take advantage of their meeting with President Dmitry Medvedev to express their "concerns about problems in the elections."
"The elections showed that Russia did not meet OSCE election standards" (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe), says even the "European" Parliament …
But the major problem is that at issue here are both the methods and the bias of the OSCE!
Who is telling the truth about the Russian elections of December 4?
All the independent missions of the 650 international observers – including EODE (Eurasian Observatory for Democracy & Elections) and ECGA –  or the OSCE tourists, traveling in business class and in private visit to Moscow and St. Petersburg?
These observers from the OSCE, who were mostly seen in places of pleasure of the two tourist towns, or the ACTUAL observers of independent missions (including many European and national deputies from the EU) who have traveled the Russian Federation, including Siberia??
Here is the testimony of international observers (four different missions, not linked):
Fabrice Beaur (EODE Observer in Krasnodar, Caucasus-Black Sea) asks:
 "The" observers "of the OSCE have been to … 95 polling stations throughout Russia. What a great mission, what a professionalism, what a dedication? And except for a few compelling cases, why not ask the question: have some frauds not been held by this same non-parliamentary "opposition", especially in the polling stations chosen by the OSCE”?
 He further states: "Luc MICHEL (EODE Observer in Novosibirsk and Kemerovo, Siberia) told me that in Novosibirsk, a city where he checked the elections, each polling station had a webcam and it was available live on a wall screen in the press room of the Regional Electoral Commission with journalists and observers from all political parties. So the question is asked.”
 (*) For PCN-TV MOSCOW, Luc MICHEL analyzed the subversion of NATO in Russia and announced in Moscow from October 14, 2011 what happened that December 4:
 On EODE-TV, at a symposium held on October 13 at the Russian CIVIC CHAMBER of the elections, Luc MICHEL analyzed the shady game of the OSCE and Western NGOs:
 Intervention in the debates in English: http://vimeo.com/31521294
 Conference in French: http://vimeo.com/31178690
 Lecture in English: http://vimeo.com/31499424


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