President Assad promised to his followers to "overcome the conspiracy."
"I came to draw strength from you. Thanks to you, I never felt weak," said Assad, addressing the crowd.
for PCN-SPO (with AFP and Syrian TV) / 12.01.2012 /
The meeting on the Syrian TV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwvDKKbUz2Y
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Wednesday spoke to a  pro-regime gathering on the Umayyads Square in Damascus, before tens of thousands of people waving flags of Syria and the Ba’ath (the so-called "Palestinian flags" (sic) of the ignorant journalists from CNN), according to images broadcast by public television.
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad assured in front of tens of thousands of supporters gathered in the heart of Damascus that he would triumph of the "conspiracy" against his regime, challenged for ten months in a rebellion organized by the West, the United States and NATO, with the active complicity of the Turkish AKP Islamist regime.
President Assad, relaxed, shirt collar open, spoke for a few minutes to the crowd of pro-regime demonstrators waving flags and Syrian Ba’athists on the Umayyads Square in Damascus and who came, according to the official television , to support the reforms announced yesterday.
"I came to draw strength from you. Thanks to you, I never felt weak,"  said Assad from a platform. "We will be victorious, no doubt, on the conspiracy. Their plot is nearing its end, which will be theirs as well," he added.
This massive rally, in the words of the AFP, was part of demonstrations organized to support the regime "in several Syrian towns and cities."
On Tuesday, President Assad delivered a televised speech in which he rightly accused foreign countries of "plotting" against Syria and reiterated to make the restoration of security "priority" and promised to hit the "terrorists" with an iron fist.
The Syrian press on Wednesday urged the Patriotic opposition (Communists, Nasserians and dissident Ba’athists), but not the one "sold abroad," to join the reform and national unity government promised by President Assad, believing that his speech "is a work plan to end the crisis."
Since mid-March, Syria is facing a revolt supervised and funded by the West. Damascus disorders attributed to "armed terrorist gangs" manipulated from abroad.
In Istanbul, protected by the Islamist AKP regime and NATO is based the pseudo "Syrian National Council" (SNC), gathering the majority of the opposition paid by the West and created by it on the model of the Libyan NTC . The SNC has introduced a new flag in Syria … in fact, still as in Libya, the one of the former regime before 1958.
The CIA, the British MI6 and Sarkozy Special Services train, for their part, an armed terrorist organization, whose goal is the civil war and the creation of a terrorist base in Syria, at the Turkish border, also on the model of Benghazi in Libya in February 2011. This is the so-called "Syrian army of liberation" (resic). Which benefits from officers trained in Libya: a brigade of 900 terrorists led by Habdelhakim Belhadj, former Guantanamo prisonner appointed "military governor of Tripoli" in late August by NATO.


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