"We will not allow the defeat of Syria, which will mean the collapse of the entire region"
PCN-SPO and AFP / 2012.01.10 /
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said Tuesday that his country was under a "foreign conspiracy" and promised to respond.
In a televised speech of one hour forty-five, Mr. Assad has accused foreign countries of "plotting" against his country, saying: "We will not allow the defeat of Syria, which will mean the collapse of the entire region ".
Since mid-March, Syria is facing an organized insurrection, financed and armed by the Western powers, Damascus denouncing aptly  "armed terrorist gangs" manipulated by foreigners.
President Assad reiterated to make the restoration of security "the absolute priority" and promised to hit the "terrorists" with a rod of iron.
But the Syrian president also said that "no order was given by any authority to open fire" on protesters.
"I rule with the will of the people and if I give up the power it will also be the will of the people," said Assad, who succeeded his father in 2000, while many countries are calling for his departure.
He added that a referendum on a new constitution, announced in the fall by the authorities, would take place in "the first week of March."
Mr. Assad also discussed "the idea of ​​expanding the government that will host all patriotic political forces". But, he said, "we do not want opponents who receive (orders) from abroad, who blackmail us."
Receiving the head of the observers, the Syrian Minister of Foreign Affairs Walid Muallem said Damascus would continue to protect them and prevent any action impeding their work.

Moscow, close ally, continues to support Damascus. Such as China. The Russian Foreign Ministry, referring to the observers of the Arab League, assured that "their deployment (…) has had already a stabilizing effect on the situation and helps to get a realistic and objective view of what is happening in Syria  

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