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With EODE Think-Tank – AFP – LLB – STRATFOR
PCN-NCP Press Office / 2012 03 21 /
"The future belongs to the one who has the longest memory"
(Friedrich Nietzsche)
"Who are the French jihadists?"asks LA LIBRE BELGIQUE (Brussels) (1). "Deciphering" advances the Brussels daily. The subject is topical to the case of Toulouse.
But there is missing in fact a true perspective and a way of interpreting correctly. Because the information is accurate but represents the side of the story given by the French secret services and their ubiquitous media relays (in the style of ESISC, an institute in Brussels "specialized in geostrategic research "), these “experts" who monopolize the TV sets (2).
In this analysis, the main element is missing. The one that explains the rise in action of jihadists. The trigger for the terrorist activism of jihadists in Europe is indeed the answer to a strong signal, and extremely irresponsible, given by the United States and NATO: the collaboration of special services of NATO, and particularly the French and British, with leaders of Al Qaeda and AQIM, its North African branch, in Libya, Syria and Algeria.
The vision, emblematic example, of a former Guantanamo prisoner, Abdelhakim Belhadj, dubbed by the NATO generals, headed by the French as "military governor of Tripoli" last August is a wrong signal given to all jihadists. Reread the statements of the French generals in the seizure of Tripoli in August 2011 …
The same Abdelhakim Belhadj is currently the head of a brigade in Syria, based in Turkey, and whose training camps are organized in Libya with the blessing of the NTC and its NATO protectors.
Sarkozy's France pays cash a heavy price for this adventurist and irresponsible policy.
The presence of jihadists in Syria and their handling of the FSA, the "Free Syrian Army" organized from Islamist Turkey of the AKP by the same special services of NATO, is recognized by the influential U.S. think-tank STRATFOR, close to the Pentagon and Tsahal.
And it is only the beginning. The jihadists are on a roll, now they have strong relay and favorable governments in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco. Where the Salafis and the Muslim Brotherhood now dominate political life. Always under the protection of "Arab" generals protected by the United States and NATO.
Added to this, the looting of Libyan arsenals by the jihadist "katibas" of the NTC and the sale by the corrupt leaders of the Libyan NTC of an impressive armory to AQIM in the early coup in Libya, in March-May 2011 (including missile sales explained by LE CANARD ENCHAINE in Paris, at the time).
The policy of the United States and NATO, including France of Sarkozy – who buried the policy of General de Gaulle at both European and Arab level – which reintegrated into NATO is the good servile pupil, can be described as schizophrenic . Every day young soldiers are sacrificed in Afghanistan and Iraq to fight the jihadists. Who moreover are armed and organized, as main ally, in Libya or Syria. Inconsistency or cynicism …
Schizophrenia affecting also the special services of NATO. So homeland Security branches of French Services, which must monitor the jihadists and other Salafists in Europe, should view with a funny eye their colleagues of the External Action and of the Action Service training and arming the same Islamists in Libya and against Syria. In particular the French secret agents who arranged arms shipments to Zenten and Tripoli Brigades in June 2011, before handing the Libyan capital to their leader Abdelhakim Belhadj.
That's all the unsaid of French media and NATO after the tragedy in Toulouse!
The participation of France and many NATO countries to the U.S. project said the "Greater Middle East", the one of Bush and the Neocons reactivated by Obama, where the Europeans also take care of tasks that even the Pentagon generals refuse to perform, has a price. This one will be heavy. Sarkozy's France has begun to pay.
The United States, which helped Bin Laden to organize Al-Qaeda in the early 80's in Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan against the Soviets, then the same networks in Bosnia in the mid-90's against Milosevic's Yugoslavia, is familiar with this price. Washington has paid for since more than 15 years.
The lessons of History seem never to be understood by Western politicians.
(1) http://www.lalibre.be/actu/international/article/727478/qui-sont-les-djihadistes-francais.html 
(2) in the case of ESISC, telling example of the NATO agencies that provide licensed experts of Western media, read:
Pic : former Guantanamo prisoner, Abdelhakim Belhadj, dubbed by the NATO generals, headed by the French as "military governor of Tripoli" last August 2011 in Tripoli. Note the fascist style of the meeting …
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