Did Sarkozy get Judas’s thirty pieces of silver from Qatar for betraying Gaddafi and Libya, after all commitments made by France and the EU with the Jamahiriya before February 2011?
Luc MICHEL for PCN-NCP-SPO / 05.23.2012 /
with AFP – La Libre Belgique – Jeune Afrique – Al-Ousboue – Slate Africa – Marianne – Libération – Le Monde /
Recently, Ziad Takkiedine, Franco-Lebanese businessman close to the UMP, has said that "the Sarkozy system is falling" and that "another affair" involving Sarkozy would soon shine out. "It will be called 'the Qatar affair'. Besides, the Bettencourt affair, you'll see …", he warned in an interview with Jeuneafrique.com …
Here we are! "A gift was given to a" European head of state on the occasion of the recent birth of his baby, "wrote La Libre Belgique (Brussels, 21/05/2012):" The rumor spread, little by little. Yet there is no evidence that the facts are proved. But the silence of the one who’s most concerned is perplexing. Why Nicolas Sarkozy does not invalidate he has received a lavish gift in Morocco at the end of 2011? "
The Brussels daily echoed an information that was originally published last November by the Moroccan magazine Al-Ousboue. "Nicolas Sarkozy was not quoted by name ', but the article mentioned a gift from" a wealthy businessman from the United Arab Emirates' to a' European head of state on the occasion of the recent birth of his baby. " Knowing the mode of working of Qatar, an absolute monarchy, which controls everything, starting with the Qatari economy, we begin to understand!
The gift in question would be "a splendid palace belonging to the luxury Amelkis real estate project in Marrakech," continued the weekly.
And, adds La Libre Belgique, "if this information now comes out, it is due to the immediate departure for Morocco of the deposed president and his family as soon as the transfer of power with François Hollande was confirmed. There are rumors also that the former strongman of the UMP could enjoy a comfortable retirement in the Sharifian Kingdom”.
"Carla and her husband will take a break, think about their future but also rediscover another pace, in another mode," said a source close to the former first lady of France on the Slate Africa site.
But, La Libre Belgique still wondering, "how is it that Nicolas Sarkozy may have received such a property in “gift"? Given the buzz surrounding this controversy, particularly on social networks, Sarkozy might be advantageous to break his silence and to be transparent "…
Involved in the "Karachigate" (kickbacks of Pakistan and Taiwan) and the "Tripoligate" (financing of Sarkozy campaigns by Gaddafi in 2007), here Sarkozy who appears in a third affair …
It's been a long time that relations between Sarkozy and the monarchy of Qatar make people question. Already on August 4, 2011, Marianne (Paris), following several French media, asked the question that disturbs: "What is the real nature of relations between Sarkozy and Qatar? "
Marianne said that "Qatar is a major investor in France. Almost all economic sectors are concerned. In 2009, it was exempt from taxation on real estate gains through an agreement proposed by Sarkozy and ratified by Parliament …” In March 2010, Nicolas Sarkozy has elevated to the rank of Grand Officer of the Legion of Honour Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani.
In our globalized world, the artificial excess media coverage led to a "geopolitics of sport and football," where the sport has become an important issue in international politics.
Sport, which gives to Qatar a disproportionate international role, is obviously a sensitive subject. And Sarkozy and his regime a helper who carries weight in this field. For example, in April 2011, writes Marianne, "Sarkozy intervened directly in the takeover of the football club PSG by the Qatari investment fund."
Marianne also confirmed the role of Qatar in the NATO aggression against the Libyan Jamahiriya: "Qatar supports the Arab springs, but there is no Arab spring in Qatar. Moreover, it is quite useless. Three quarters of Qatari residents are immigrants. In March, Qatar was one of the Arab pillars of the UN coalition that attacked Libya. The country has set up rotations for maritime transport of injured Libyans from Benghazi and Misrata to hospitals in Tunisia. It also supplies weapons to the insurgents. Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani was also the only Arab leader to recognize the National Transitional Council. It should be noted that there are also tribal links between Benghazi and Qatar's emir. "
It should be noted again that the French generals of NATO are those who will, on orders from Sarkozy, bring the Islamist Habdelhakim Belhadj – executive of Al Qaeda and former Guantanamo prisoner – to the position of "military governor of Tripoli" in late August 2011 . Giving a disproportionate political role and a key position to this protégé of Qatar. And bypassing  the NTC in Tripoli.
Did Sarkozy get Judas’s thirty pieces of silver from Qatar for betraying Gaddafi and Libya, after all commitments made by France and the EU with the Jamahiriya?
The “Qatar affair" – dixit Takkiedine – and the "Moroccan gift" mentioned by Al-Ousboue make sense here …
The French version of this article is much more comprehensive and gives information and reports from all sources on this subject:
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