What are Western NGOs useful for?
Luc MICHEL / 2012 06 15 /
For Syria Committees with PCN-SPO & Le Monde /
In full communication campaign of Hillary Clinton and the State Department against Russian support for Syria, the good soldiers of Western NGOs come into campaign.
And directly attack Russia over "its arms shipments to Syria." The speech is identical to that of the USA and NATO. And occurs within 24 hours of the Clinton attacks. "The His Master's Voice" is set but not very smart this time in timing issue …
"There's a feeling that Russia plays again the Cold War, and takes hostage the international community" (sic), reacts Aymeric Elluin in charge of the campaign "Guns and Impunity" (resic) at Amnesty International. He reminded Le Monde (Paris) that "if the UN decides to an international embargo on weapons to Syria, the backing of the five permanent members of the Security Council is essential. Hence the blocking caused by Russia. "
On arms supplied by the U.S., NATO, France, Qatar, AKP Islamist Turkey and the Saudis to terrorist gangs who try to overthrow the Syrian government for 16 months – and this from the first days of the pro-Western coup – AMNESIA International and its ilk – Jean-Marie Fardeau, France director of Human Rights Watch (sic), another of these NGOs, also intervening in Le Monde – are silent!
This does not prevent them from being in confession of NATO aggression in Libya – same scenario and same actors in Syria -! The same Aymeric Elluin, of Amnesty International, in the same interview in Le Monde, says unabashedly that "Since the conflict began in Libya, Qatar has indeed provided French Milan missiles to the rebels in Benghazi" …
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Photo: Poster of Amnesty International.
The NGO ironically against its own manipulations!
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