Tunisia: the Islamist government illegally hands over former Libyan Prime Minister without the approval of the Presidency to the Islamists of the NTC. In international law it is an extra-legal abduction …
With PCN-SPO – AFP – Reuters / 25.06.2012 /
The Tunisian government handed over on the sly former Libyan Prime Minister Al-Baghdadi Al-Mahmoudi to the NTC in Tripoli on Sunday, where he was immediately jailed, triggering an unprecedented internal crisis with the Tunisian presidency who had not endorsed this decision.
Mr. Al-Mahmoudi, aged 67 and imprisoned in Tunisia since Sept. 21, "was extradited (sic) this morning (Sunday)," told AFP Kazdaghli Ridha, spokesman of the head of the Tunisian government, the Islamist Hamadi Jebali.
Mr. Mahmoudi is now in prison in Libya, said in late afternoon the puppet "Prime minister" of the NTC Abdel Rahim al-Kib.
According to his Tunisian lawyer Mabrouk Kurshid, who denounced a "state crime", Al-Mahmoudi "was extradited by private plane at 5:00 in the morning."
The former Libyan Prime Minister was detained at the Mornaguia prison near Tunis, and says Kurshid, "he was in solitary confinement for a week and you could not visit him."
The Tunisian government has respected "neither the law nor the humanitarian rules or human rights", accused Mr. Kurshid. "The worst thing is that the presidency was not aware," he said.
Indeed! In a very virulent statement released Sunday evening, the Tunisian presidency denounced an "illegal decision" taken in an "unilaterally” way and “without consultation". It accused the head of the Tunisian government to be "out of his prerogatives" and "tarnishing the image of Tunisia".
The spokesman of the Tunisian President Marzouki, Adnen Manser, had previously said that Mr. Marzouki "had not signed the extradition order" and had spoken of a "serious crisis".
Mr. Marzouki, of the Nationalist leftist party CONGRESS FOR THE REPUBLIC (CPR), is one of two leftist allies of the ENNAHDA Islamist party, which dominates the government and the Constituent Assembly. We see what the law is for the Islamists: a scrap of paper!
Mr. Marzouki had said in early June "his opposition in priciple" to the extradition of Mr. Mahmoudi, demanding guarantees on the Libyan side on respect for human rights and a fair trial. Fully aware of what's Libya NTC: hospices prisons, concentration camps (for Africans, especially), torture, non-state, clan justice, torture and ill treatment. A non-state being in Somaliazation, where even and especially the pseudo ICC has no say!
But the leader of the Tunisian government, Hamadi Jebali, had responded by saying that the extradition decision was "irrevocable" (sic) and did not require the signature of the President of the Republic (Resic).
It will also be recalled the recent death under torture of Gaddafi’s last ambassador in Paris Brebesh, who yet joined the NTC in August 2011. Murdered by an Islamist militia in Tripoli.
Prime Minister until the last days of the Gaddafi regime, Al-Mahmoudi was arrested on Sept. 21 in Tunisia while trying to reach Algeria.
He has since remained incarcerated, the NTC having twice sought his extradition.
Tunisian justice had responded favorably to this request, but the extradition, contested in particular by associations defending human rights, was left open, and former interim president Fouad Mebazaa had never signed the decree extradition.
The Tunisian defenders of the former Libyan Prime Minister recalled that their client had applied for political refugee status with UNHCR (UN High Commissioner for the Refugees) and that the extralegal extradition intervened before the answer of the international organization.
"This is a gross violation of human rights and international conventions, the government proves that its decision does not comply with the international commitments of Tunisia," told AFP lawyer Radhia Nasraoui.
Behind all this, there is not only the ideological affinities between Islamists of ENNAHDA and NTC. But also sordid money matters. "This government has turned its back on everyone to finish this business for money, this is really shameful," she accused, pointing out that the agreement in principle between Tripoli and Tunis was reached in May after a visit of the puppet "Libyan Prime Minister" set up by the NTC and NATO Abdel Rahim al-Kib, during which several economic agreements were signed.
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