While NATO medias tell us "the birth of a liberal democracy" (sic), Libya recolonized by the West is sinking into chaos and "Somaliazation" …
Luc MICHEL for ELAC & ALAC Committees /
with PCN-SPO – AFP – Liberation – Correspondents in Libya / 2 012 08 13 /
There is the beautiful story, the storytelling of the spin doctors of NATO. And there is the reality of Libya in chaos.
I have more than two decades of experience of the Jamahiriya and I could rebuild on site for several months a reliable network of observers, despite the fear and repression. Here behind the NATO media lies and propaganda the reality of a post-Gaddafi Libya in chaos, a new Somalia on the Mediterranean.
This August 8 was the first anniversary of the storming of Tripoli, on August 8, 2011, by special forces of NATO and Qatar, then followed by the NTC jihadist katibas, trained by French special forces. The next day, August 9, NATO made play the comedy of "democratic transition" (sic) to its associates of the NTC, the Pétains, Laval and the Quislings of occupied and recolonized Libya made in NATO.
"Historical handover in Libya," is AFP headline that day. Which develops the ideal scenario invented by the U.S. and NATO to justify the war, the invasion and occupation of the Jamahiriya.
"Because of the fasting month of Ramadan, the ceremony began late at night in a luxurious conference room in a hotel of the Libyan capital," says AFP. "The National Transitional Council (NTC) in Libya on Wednesday night gave powers to the assembly elected on July 7, during a historic ceremony marking the first peaceful transition after more than forty years of dictatorship of Muammar Gaddafi. The ceremony was opened by the suras of the Koran and the national anthem (that of the monarchy) sung by a choir of children, with representatives of diplomatic missions in Libya, as well as members of the NTC and the government and party leaders. "
"I commend our constitutional prerogatives to the General National Congress which is now the legitimate representative of the Libyan people," said the chairman of the NTC, Moustapha Abdeljalil, in "symbolically handing over power to the Dean of the 200 members of the General National Congress (GNC) elected a month ago at the time of the first free elections in Libya."
A first remark: First, the mark of the institutions of Gaddafi’s Jamahiriya is such that the name chosen for the pseudo puppet parliament created by NATO is almost that of the highest representative body of Direct Democracy under Gaddafi: it was called the "General People's Congress" – and yes there it was! -.
"Shortly before, the 200 members were sworn in before the President of the Libyan Supreme Court," continues the AFP, which intends to give the image of democratic institutions (sic).
"Now the NTC does not exist anymore. It is dissolved, " Othman Ben Sassi, member of the Council, told AFP.
"Because of the fasting month of Ramadan, the ceremony began late at night in a luxurious conference room in a hotel of the Libyan capital. Another special room on the second floor of this property will now be the headquarters of the GNC", tells AFP A second remark: the impressive headquarters of the “General People's Congress”, the equivalent of Parliament under Gaddafi, was attacked and burned by Islamist gangs in the first week of the insurrectionary coup organized by NATO in Benghazi and Tripoli on 15-17 February 2011. And therefore can no longer serve …
After the ceremony, which lasted some forty minutes finally, members of Congress were asked to stay in the room for their first official meeting at which they should elect a president and two vice Presidents of the Assembly.
But let’s go back and explain what was this "first free election" in Libya.
To start, a special law prohibited with severe penalties "the apology or defense of Gaddafi and his Jamahiriya”. And therefore de facto any creation or presentation of any political party or pro Gaddafi candidates.
Then, this not being enough, they prohibited entry on election lists of 800,000 Libyans – on three million voters – on suspicion of sympathy for the Jamahiriya toppled by NATO. On the scale of Russia, so much criticized, what would people say if the Putin regime had banned 20 million Russians in the turnout? Yet it is the ratio projected on the Russian population.
These manipulations ignored by the NATO media and experts, we must also discuss the conditions under which the elections took place. Libya is in chaos. The authority of the pseudo-NTC is exerted on some neighborhoods of Tripoli and Benghazi. Elsewhere it is, as in Somalia of the Islamists and NATO, and it's not a chance, neighborhood by neighborhood, community by community, the reign of violence, the militias, jihadists and gangs ( 1). Little differentiates them. Each day they torture, kidnap, ransom and extort, they kill. This is the generalization of private prisons and torture chambers. On which the NTC has no authority as demonstrated by the involuntary detention of a mission of the ICC in June.
Two examples: the last ambassador of Gaddafi in Paris, Brebesh, yet rallied to the NTC, died under torture in May, in the hands of an Islamist militia in Tripoli. The last prime minister of Gaddafi, Al Baghdadi, illegally purchased and delivered by the Tunisian Islamist government, as for him, is in a coma. Beaten and tortured upon arrival at Tripoli airport.
But that's not all. The elections were conducted in a climate of extreme violence. That of the Islamist gangs, each with their parties and their candidates. Hundreds of "parties" and thousands of candidates. Following the example of the Islamist party Al Watan – funded by Qatar – of the former Libyan leader of Al Qaeda and former Guantanamo prisoner Abdelhakim Belhadj, established "military governor of Tripoli" by Qatar and the French generals of NATO. Who had traded his battledress for a businessman suit, between trips to Syria where he leads on the field the jihadists of the pseudo-FSA on behalf of NATO (2). Violence also of the of the pro Gaddafi Green Resistance which has not laid down the arms.
Finally, the icing on the NATO rotten electoral cake, these elections were monitored by no independent monitoring mission. Theirorganization entrusted to lawyers and officials of the U.S. and NATO. And "monitoring" to a bogus NGO linked to NATO!
The beautiful story of the AFP leads then suddenly to the reality of Libyan chaos. Without the presstitutes of NATO seem to be aware of the contradiction.
"Extraordinary security measures were implemented at that time (note: the show of “the transfer of power"), especially after an escalation of violence in several parts of the country in recent days. The Interior Ministry has sealed off the hotel area and all roads leading to or near the conference room were closed to traffic. "
Note the deployment outside the hotel where the ceremony was held to "handover", a brigade of the new "Libyan Army," equipped as a pre-war British colonial infantry brigade. A symbol of re-colonization of Libya. It should be emphasized again that the press has kept secret the name of the hotel, as the fear of an attack of the Green Resistance was latent!
Here thus a democratic (sic) state (sic)  which does not even control the heart of its capital.
The Green Resistance of the pro Gaddafi continues indeed the battle. This is not the "peaceful country" of the NATO media. Nor the "street battles" of some enlightened on social networks or mythological lies of some journalists "not mainstream" linked to Iran. This is something between the French Resistance in 1943, the beginning of the Battle of Algiers of the FLN or even in central and southern Libya, the fighting for Tito in 1942.
A well-armed resistance, which is struggling to organize and lacks of leadership. But which fights, kills kollabos and jihadists, attacks prisons and makes escape prisoners – one estimates at more than 17,000 illegal detentions of Gaddafists, but also of innocent Africans hit by anti-black racism of Islamists, in prisons of Islamists and the NTC – weapons depots are blown up. And in the south, roads, towns, neighborhoods are controlled. Everywhere the kollabos of the NTC are hit.
Finally, let us talk of a third violence, that here also evokes Somalia: the private violence, blood feuds, gangland killing. Between families, between villages and cities, between tribes. Arsenals looted from February 2011 with heavily armed everyone.
In his speech, the No. 1 kollabo of NATO, Mustapha Abdeljalil, hailed "a first transfer of power in the history of Libya" that represents a "historic moment" for the Libyans. He has to recognize without having to spell things out the failure of the NTC: 'errors' (sic) for a period of "exceptional" transition and a "delay in processing certain files (Resic)", including those of security, disarmament. According to him, "the NTC also failed to find a solution to the issue of displaced persons of the Libyan conflict inside and outside the country," he called a "real tragedy". "We were not able to guarantee security as we hoped," he added.
Despised by both the people and his former allies both Islamist and monarchists – the favorites of British Mi5 and Mi6 – or liberals – the favorites of the USA – and without authority, he also announced he was retiring and that he retired from the NTC and the Higher Council of Magistracy to which he belonged under Muammar Gaddafi.
The GNC will be responsible for choosing a new government to take over the NTC, which should be dissolved at the first session of Congress. It will lead the country to new elections on the basis of a new constitution. Its authority will be even more virtual than that of the NTC.
The Alliance of National Forces (ANF), a liberal coalition of several dozen small parties, led by architects of the coup of 2011 against Colonel Gaddafi, organized by NATO and the USA, holds 39 seats out of 80 reserved for political parties.
The Justice and Construction Party (JCP), from the Muslim Brotherhood, is the second largest political formation of the Congress with 17 seats.
The 120 seats left were allocated to independent candidates with allegiances and beliefs still unclear but wooed by political parties.
"During the first meetings, we will see more clearly on the guidelines of each member. Now is the complete blur" (sic), told AFP Salem Al-Ali Hammali, a congressman and from ANF. An admission of anarchy that surrounded these elections.
Two more remarks:
First, a political force is absent from this beautiful picture of the AFP. This is the radical Islamist party Al Watan of Abdelhakim Belhadj. Election loser, as he did terrorize the Libyans, he is nevertheless the only real politico-military force, structured. Funded by Qatar, supported by some French networks close to Sarkozy, he is biding his time. Some in NATO may have believed to neutralize him by entrusting him the operational command of the so-called " Free Syrian Army". That is a mistake. Because it strengthens his networks, including by the control of training camps for the FSA installed by NATO in Libya. And his troops become hardened.
Then, we must mention the election results and the "victory" of the liberals, favorites of Washington. This "victory" is a victory by default. Libyans who were able to vote chose to reject the Islamists, both "moderate" (sic) as the Muslim Brotherhood, or radical as the Salafis or electoral-jihadists – there we are – of Al-Watan. The example of what happens in Tunisia or Egypt must also have made the choice for a snap election.
"The ceremony was marked by a small incident," still confesses AFP, "when Mr. Abdeljalil ordered the replacement of a young woman who presented the program of the ceremony because she was made-up and not veiled" . "The presenter, hair uncovered, was forced to make way for members of the NTC who have followed one another on the stand", said Libération (Paris). Incident revealing the influence of Islamists in Libya of the NTC and NATO.
"We believe in individual freedoms and we consolidate them but we are Muslims and we are committed to our principles. Everyone should understand this point, "said Mr. Abdeljalil without any further details, before delivering his speech. "The incident went unnoticed by most of the assistance that did not understand the remark of the head of the NTC," says AFP.
"The leader of the NTC, known for his Islamic orientation particularly regarding women, had already caused controversy, during the proclamation of the “liberation"of the country (the quotation marks are from Liberation, for once scrupulous) from the regime of Muammar al-Gaddafi last October, claiming that sharia law would be source of legislation in the new Libya, citing in particular the right to polygamy "without conditions", "said Liberation.
Two remarks again:
Abdeljalil was the leader of the so-called "moderate" Islamists who were allied with the Libyan Liberals in Libya of "peaceful coexistence" after 2003, in their struggle against the socialist wing of the Jamahiriyan regime (3). Their leader, and this is all the drama of the Jamahiriya after 2003, was Saif al-Islam, the own eldest son of Gaddafi, who had installed the Islamists in the heart of the Libyan institutions. And singularly Abdeljalil at the head of the Libyan High Court, where this extremist of the Sharia, had organized the affair of the "Bulgarian nurses" which had proved so costly to the Jamahiriya in terms of international image.
Second, this incident shows the regression of Women after Gaddafi. He had freed the Libyan woman, opened the universities and military academies to her, repressed polygamy. All what the NTC at the initiative of Abdeljalil destroyed. In some Islamist strongholds, fell into their hands as Misrata, the Afghan burqa or the Saudi style full niqab are in circulation.
Since the invasion and occupation of Libya in 2011, a lot of nonsense was written on the Jamahiriya. Reduced, to justify Western aggression, to a non-state based on tribal bases. It is confusing the result of the invasion of NATO and the Somaliazation of Libya with the regime set up by Gaddafi from 1969 to 2011.
The ideological bases of the Jamahiriya, of the institutions of the Libyan Direct Democracy, they are not as wrote in 1985 the magazine GEO "Marx and Allah." But there, we are already  far away from the tribalized non-state of the NATO media! These bases, that’s the French Jacobinism. That revolutionary of Robespierre and the First Paris Commune, that of 1792-94. Libyan Direct Democracy largely mirrors the experience of Direct Democracy of the First Paris Commune (1792-1794) and the Committee of State Security . References are public and numerous to the revolutionary government of Robespierre (4).
The Jamahiriya was an ideological state (5), with politics organized around an advanced experience of Direct Democracy, with meetings and discussions at all levels – from neighborhoods to the "General People's Congress" (which replaced the Parliament) , through the 30 municipalities, the SABHIAHS – with organized political executives, the "Revolutionary Committees". A pilot experiment followed in other countries, for example in Venezuela (6).
This in addition to a socialist economy, and a protective and redistributive social state and a state-controlled economy.
From all this, there is nothing left.
Chaos in Libya. Which resulted chaos in the Sahel, Mali. Before that in Syria. Along the model of Somalia, exploded, divided, ruined.
And if that was one of the options planned by Washington and its Zionist ally for the "Greater Middle East"? A "Greater Somalia" where U.S. imperialism in economic and financial bankruptcy, can still inexpensively dominate the trade routes and plunder the resources … This is my analysis from the premise of the so-called "Arab Spring".
Unlike most, I have seen it happen and announced it from Tripoli precisely (7), and long before (8). Chaos as the future for Libya and not an impossible "liberal democracy", chaos and "Somaliazation" both as a means and a goal!
(August 9, 2012)
An expanded version of this text will soon be published as a report by EODE Think Tank)
Version française sur :
2) Based on information published by the Spanish daily ABC, Patrice de Plunkett in  Valeurs Actuelles/Spectacle du Monde ( (Paris) states that "the FSA is controlled on the ground by two Libyan Islamic radicals, the now famous Abdelhakim Belhadj, former companion of Bin Laden and one time governor of Tripoli by the grace of NATO, Sarkozy and Juppe, and Mahdi al-Harati, former commander of the "Brigade of Tripoli" during the Libyan civil war and former number 2 of the "military revolutionary council" in the Libyan capital. The two men, perhaps a little a bit of liability in the eyes of the NTC, were then "relocated" in Syria, at the end of last November. "Brought to Syria by NATO and the Islamist AKP in power in Turkey. We have not said anything since late 2011.
And Libyan jihadists obviously did not come alone! "With, says still Patrice de Plunkett, 600 (700 according to other sources) armed compatriots. Who strive since then to put Northern Syria going jihadist ". Patrice de Plunkett identifies the masters of the pseudo-FSA, "Wahhabism, and their supporters: Saudi Arabia, which provides weapons and Qatar, which provides money (…) two NATO allies, as everyone knows."
Plunkett's article is illustrated with a picture of one of these jihadi groups in the FSA – in the center Abdelhakim Belhadj – with a caption summarizing the contents of the article: "effective Libyan management of the FSA, financial and logistical support of these groups by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and political support of NATO, London and Paris to this "strange FSA" that "spreads terror and fans community hatreds hitherto ignored in Syria ". A caption which asks this question: "After Iraq and Libya, why the West seeks to put systematically Salafists in power? "
(3) It is a process similar to that which destroyed Yugoslavia from 1985 to 2001 that destabilized and then destroyed Gaddafi’s Libyan Jamahiriya.
Destroyed on a scenario, a "transition process" – the name of the NTC is inspired directly from it – closely reminiscent of Yugoslavia and it is no coincidence. Libya, too, since 2003, had a liberal wing, opposite to that of Socialist patriots. That gathered behind Saif Al Islam, who led liberals and Islamists (like the President of the pseudo NTC Abdel Jalil) to power. You have to read the revealing pages by Bernard-Henri Levy on Saif in his last book of personal self-promotion “LA GUERRE SANS L’AIMER” ("WAR WITHOUT LOVE,") where he asks the shocking question: "how one who was with us (the phrase is his) could he join his father? "… The Libyan regime has been attacked and destabilized from within. Before the bombs, armies and mercenaries from NATO and the U.S. do come finish the job. I lived inside of this capture of Libya, alongside our socialist comrades of the RCM. I saw how the illusions of Tripoli on peaceful coexistence and the globalized economy have allowed the Libyan Liberals to form themselves into a Trojan Horse and prepare for the storm outside.
On the transition process, in Belarus (where President Lukashenko has stopped it), in Yugoslavia and Libya in particular, I recently gave a lengthy analysis entitled "The Model of Belarus as an alternative to globalization" in Minsk May 5, 2011, on the occasion of the International Conference "THE PROSPECTS OF THE EASTERN PARTNERSHIP". It was filmed for PCN-TV and is available on its website.
Cfr. International conference "The prospects of the Eastern partnership" – Minsk 05.05.2011:
Conference Luc MICHEL (PART.1 – 2 – 3) recovery of PCN-NCP-TV,
on "The Model of Belarus as an alternative to globalization"
(4) The role played by Muammar Gaddafi in the Libyan institutional system corresponded closely – what nobody seemed to see – to that ROBESPIERRE played between the Commune and its sections, the Convention, the people of Paris, the Club of the Jacobins and the Committee of State Security. Both inspiring and ideologue, spokesman and supreme arbiter.
For whom is a familiar of the Jamahiriyan Libyan system and its actual operation, the presentation by François FURET of the role of Robespierre in power from 1793 to Thermidor, is inevitably reminiscent of that played by Gaddafi, the Leader of the Revolution, in Libya:
"He carries an extraordinary syncretism between the two democratic legitimacy. Idol of the Jacobins (…) He is the only one who has mystically reconciled direct democracy and the principle of representative, by settling on top of a pyramid of equivalences which his word guarantees, day after day, the maintenance. He is the people in the sections, the people at the Jacobins, the people in the national representation, and it is this transparency between the people and all places where people speak in his name – starting with the Convention – that we must constantly establish, manage, build, as the condition of legitimacy, but also as its first duty. "
(5) Luc MICHEL, PENSER EN CONTINENTS ! POUR UNE PHILOSOPHIE DE L’ACTION ! POUR UNE MISE EN ACTION DE LA PHILOSOPHIE : CHANGEONS LE MONDE ! (THINKING IN CONTINENTS! FOR A PHILOSOPHY OF ACTION! A CALL FOR ACTION OF PHILOSOPHY: CHANGE THE WORLD!), Speech on behalf of the Delegations of the European Continent, the Opening Meeting of the First World Assembly of the "International Association of Supporters of the Green Book" (ASIPALV), Tripoli , Libya, October 25, 2009.
Available on the website of MEDD-MCR: http://midd.free.fr/accueil.htm
(6) Interview with Luc MICHEL (in French and Arabic) at the International Radio "THE VOICE OF AFRICA", Tripoli, Libya, March 1, 2007.
Listening in streaming on: http://midd.free.fr/accueil.htm
(7) The one and only analysis announcing the events of Libya (coup on 15-17 February 2011) and Syria (March 2011) before their launching by the U.S. and NATO:
(8) My analysis from 2003 …
The Libyan Quisling, Mustapha Abdeljalil, Islamist and favorite of NATO.
The new "Libyan Army", equipped as a pre-war British colonial infantry brigade A symbol (Libyan Military in front of the building where there was the ceremonial transfer of power, August 8, 2012 in Tripoli, Reuters Photo)
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