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On the occasion of the Conference "Imperialism in 2011" in Budapest (May 5, 2012), Luc MICHEL analyses the issues, scenarios and methods of the offensive of the U.S. and their military arm of NATO in the Middle-East and Eurasia. Starting from the exemples of Libya, PMR, South Ossetia and Abkhazia in the perspective of the World imperialist aggression. He also exposes the geopolitical background of this unprecedented offensive since the fall of the USSR and Yugoslavia. The agression against Libyan Jamahiryia et Ba’athist Syria are in the center of his analysis.
Filmed on May 5, 2012, in the Congress Centre « Konferenciaközpont és Szabadegyetem”, Budapest, Hungary », by PCN-TV.
Note that the French version lecture is not a translation of this one, but ANOTHER original speech.
Organized by the MIKSZ – Magyar Ifjúság Közösségi Szervezete / Organization Of Hungarian Youth Standing For Collectivism
With the Hungarian Karl Marx Society / Marx Károly Társaság, the PCN-NCP and the MEDD-RCM
May 5th 2012 in Konferenciaközpont és Szabadegyetem, Budapest, Hungary
– Welcome and Introduction, György Barabás, Secretary-General of the MIKSZ
– Academic performance about the imperialism, by Péter Farkas (Karl Marx Society / Marx Károly Társaság)
– “The exemples of Libya, PMR, South Ossetia and Abkhazia in the perspective of the World imperialist agression”, by Luc Michel, President of PCN-NCP
– “The situation in Syria”, by Máté Kovács (Deputy Secretary-General, MIKSZ)
– “The place of the Turkish islamist AKP in the imperialist project of the Greater Middle-East”, by Inanç Kutlu, Deputy Secretary-general of the MEDD-RCM (Turkey)
–  Post Conference Seminar : Questions and comments with the lecturers
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