Al-Rashedon hacker group versus Qatari Al Jazeera …
Syria Committees with PCN-SPO – Reuters / 2012 09 04 /
The official website of one of the biggest Arabic-language news network Al Jazeera – under Qatari leading – got hacked today (about 19:00 UTC on September 4) by a group of pro-Assad hackers called "Al-Rashedon". Qatar is the spearhead of the US-NATO agression in Middle-East, the US Central Command for the Red Sea and Arabic Gulf is in Doha, Qatar. The main base of the US VIIth Fleeth is in Bahrein, close allie of Qatar.
The deface page is designed with dark as shown in the image below and has some message in Arabic language, in English it reads "In response to your attitude against Syria (Syrian people and Government) and your support to the Terrorist & Armed Groups, and sharing Fake news, your site has been hacked and this is our response to you. (Al-Rashedon hacker group)." More late in the day, the same hackers also defaced Al Jazeera’s Sport website with a similar deface page and message.
Reuters says that “The Arabic used (and the language mistakes) indicates that the hackers may be people living abroad and not native Syrians; maybe these hackers belong to Iraq. The name “Rashedon” implies Iraq, because Iraq is known as Land of Al Rashedon.”
Defaced sites:
“The website of Qatar-based satellite news network Al Jazeera was apparently hacked on Tuesday by Syrian government loyalists for what they said was the television channel's support for the "armed terrorist groups and spreading lies and fabricated news".
A Syrian flag and statement denouncing Al Jazeera's "positions against the Syrian people and government" were posted on the Arabic site of the channel in response to its coverage of the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad which began in March last year.
[…] Jazeera officials were not immediately available for comment.
The hacking attack, claimed by a group calling itself "al-Rashedon", is the latest in a wave of cyber attacks on news agencies and energy companies, carried out by hostile governments, militant groups or private "hacktivists" to make political points.”
Photo :
Deface page screenshot of Al Jazeera Website …
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