Conference to the 2d "Youth Camp for Green, Peace and Alternative movements"
for the JAMAHIR SOCIETY / Wien & the RCM / Libya
(Germany, Landau, July 2001)
Excerpt : “
One often speaks of "American Empire". You will have noticed that I am reluctant to use this term. Because the imperial idea doesn't have nothing to do with the mercantile imperialism and exploiter of Washington The term of neo-colonialism is more appropriated. The geoplitics clearly distinguishes and opposessed sea power and earth power. The best example is punic wars that opposed the terrestrial Rome to Carthago, sea power. Today, the United States, sea strength, are a new Carthago: same consumerism, same merchant values, same limited horizon, same exploitation of colonies, same oligarchy and power of money.
The continental power is about to come again. It is against it that act the  theoreticians of American imperialism.
The shock of Rome against Carthage is also the one of two ideologies, of two Weltanschauungs. Yesterday as today.
Beside the United States exists a large school that thinks that Europe must be one of the means of the backing of the capitalism and the Mecca of this one that is located to the United States. It is the famous theories of the "second pillar", that considers notably in a European organization of defense a European pillar renovated by NATO. It exists another school, the one of Jean Thiriart or the Russian eurasiatists, for which the Eurasia will make himself inexorably against the United States, for which it is imperative that she makes herself against Washington. So Thiriart wants to destroy the United States politically, because he opposes to them a vision of the world that is located very far from the consumerism extolled by Washington. The European empire is for him above all a man's aesthetics, a solution and an alternative for all humanity.”
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