Behind the complete blackout of NATO’s medias on what is going on Bani-Walid:
What is happening in Bani Walid on October 25-28, 2012 …
ELAC & ALAC Committees avec PCN-SPO – Sos Libya – Correspondence in Bani-Walid / 2012 11 01 /
What is happening in Bani Walid is beyond the imagination. It is a tragedy. The so-called “Libyan army”, which are in reality a bunch of thugs, are behaving like locusts. They are attacking everything in their way.
This Misrata militias, a hard islamist creation of the French generals of NATO, are stationed at the entrances of Bani Walid and using all sorts of weapons, tanks, rockets and gases against the people.
They keep shooting the city on 10/27 for 10 hours at random and then have a few troops on the ground and some others in small vans trying to infiltrate, but the men the SELF-DEFENSE POPULAR MILITIA OF BANI WALID who are hiding in houses open fire and push them back.
Till now these thugs could not get inside the town owing to the fierce resistance by the people of Bani Walid. Before, we had Gaddafi's popular national army. Now we have armed militias and islamists gangs killing women and children. They have been surrounding the city for 20 days but within the last five days they got crazy and have made our lives here a real hell.
There is no safe place to hide in Bani Walid.
# A citizen said:
“I was in opposition to Gaddafi and was imprisoned in Abu Salim prison for a long time, but I regret every moment I opposed Gaddafi after what I have seen here”.
These armed militias are so barbarian, they are committing crimes against humanity and no one is recognising that.
# There is a complete blackout on what is going on Bani-Walid:
All the shelling against the city is random, bodies are in the streets for both sides and others are still under rubble – no one can help as they will be shelled too.
There is only one hospital in the whole of Bani Walid, where more than 100,000 people live. It is already in an appalling situation and lacks most of the basic medical stuff. Water and power are cut but people have stored food at home.
Some of the families started to flee to escape the shelling. More than 50,000 people left but the route outside the city is a rocky and desert one and really hard to go through with children. Other families decided to stay for fear of robbery. People are worried to leave their houses and come back to find everything is stolen.
# Another citizen said:
“I left during the liberation war but when I came back I found my car was stolen. This time I am staying and will die in my home. We call upon the humanitarian society to come and help us as the city is entirely sealed off and even fleeing is not safe”.
This is an act of revenge and racism. People have decided to defend their homes and honour with the arms they have and I can assure you if the situation continues like that, Libya will slip to a civil war eventually.
They are destroying an entire city but people will not keep silent, there are more than 53 tribes in Bani Walid and they have decided to die for their land.
Pics: Chemical weapons used by the Misrata islamists militias in Bani-Walid
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