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"By dint of sacrificing its principles, the Palestinian cause is in a state of decomposition. Hamas owes us an explanation, as well as the Muslim Brotherhood in power in three Arab countries (Egypt, Tunisia and Libya) and their counterparts in Syria, the majority in the Syrian opposition. And what did Qatar do for Gaza?“
That is the question posed by René Naba on a site of Algerian comrades (1) …
Who launches radical Islamism against the revolutionary forces of the Arab nation since the late 40s?
Who organized, managed, financed, armed Muslim Brotherhood, the Salafis, the Taliban, the jihadists of Al-Qaida?
Who has done the same with Hamas against the PLO?
The American-Zionist axis and its armed arm NATO!
And who helped it all, who was the sponsor of Hamas, until Qatar pays better and more?
Who organized the Islamist wave with the U.S. in Bosnia in 1985-96 against Tito's or Milosevic’s Yugoslavia?
Who is occupying socialist Ba'athist Iraq with the U.S.A.?
Who is allowing the survival of the puppet government of Karzai made in NATO in Afghanistan?
Who was directly involved – especially with Hizbollah forces fighting with the NTC katibas made in NATO – in the destruction of the socialist Jamahiriya of Gaddafi?
Tehran and the Iranian Islamists!
Remember the last words of Saddam Hussein, entering without a shudder in the martyr's death: "Never forget that the enemy is the American and the Persian."
Not to mention that this also serves Tel Aviv.
As the main support of the true Palestinian resistance were just our martyred brothers Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi.
But that René Naba, author of a filthy "Kadkafi portrait total" (2), where he is howling with the jackals of NATO and their "Arab" mercenaries of the pseudo "Arab revolutions" can not or will not see .
To put it bluntly, American-Zionist media-political shit eyeful and earful! Not to mention that of Tehran and its supporters …
"The Arab world suffers from disorientation (…)," writes René Naba, who intends to "expose this pernicious form of mental perversion," he develops himself. This perversion has led to the occupation of Tripoli, the assault against Damascus. And the collapse of the Palestinian cause.
The only "Arab Spring" was the one of the Arab revolutionary Nationalism, the one of Ba'ath and Nasser, of Gaddafi and PLO,  praised by Benoist-Méchin (3). The only Arab revolution is the one carried out against Western colonialism and its "Arab" or Islamist lackeys. Just see the flag of French colonialism in the Years 1916-1945 in Syria and Lebanon to serve as banner for the mercenaries of the FSA-NSC made in NATO.
Without forgetting the ideological cousin of the Arab Revolution, Turkish Kemalism – also praised by Benoist-Méchin – both stemming from the Jacobin matrix, the one of the years 1792-94 which also inspired Gaddafi. And it is no coincidence that today one of the sponsors of the Arab counter-revolution led by the U.S. and NATO is precisely this neo-Ottoman Islamist AKP that intends to destroy the foundations of Kemalist Turkey.
Open your eyes …
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(1) Gaza. Que fait le Qatar ? (Gaza. What is Qatar doing?, in French), NESS NEWS, November 23, 2012,
(2) René Naba, KADHAFI PORTRAIT TOTAL – ENTRE INTERVENTION MILITAIRE ET INSURRECTION POPULAIRE (Gaddafi total portrait – Between military intervention and people insurgency), Golias editor, Paris, April 2011
(3) The author of a History of the German army, Jacques Benoist-Méchin was also a leading expert in the Arab world. This book, published after MUSTAPHA KEMAL OR THE DEATH OF AN EMPIRE and IBN SAUD OR THE BIRTH OF A KINGDOM, is the result of a journey through seven countries in the Middle East. Having traveled over ten thousand kilometres between December 17, 1957 and April 30, 1958 and lived in contact with all social classes, from the lowest fellahs to the most sumptuous sovereigns, the author tells us his thoughts on a world which combines the ruins of ancient civilizations and the most stunning modern achievements.
An Arab Spring, a classic book now reissued, is at the same time geographic description, political essay and true story. Putting events into perspective, exploring the attitudes, observing life, this book helps to understand Islam and the Arab countries, which have continued to be the scene of more or less predictable changes. Note in particular an interview with our late comrade Michel Aflaq, the great theorist of the Ba'ath.
Cf. Jacques Benoist-Méchin, AN ARAB SPRING, Ed Albin Michel, Paris, 1959 (reprint 2000).
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