" Libya in the geopolitical concepts of NCP-NCP. "

PCN-SPO /2013 01 30/


The "3rd Congress of Polish geopoliticians" – III Zjazd Geopolityków Polskich – held in Wroclaw (Poland, 21 and 22 October 2010) was the opportunity for a brilliant intervention of Kornel Sawinski entitled "Znaczenie LIBII w geopolitycznych koncepcjach Nacjonal-Europejskiej Partii Komunitarnej (PCN) "," Libya in the geopolitical concepts of NCP-NCP. "


Geopolitical, sociologist, an analyst at the " Europejskiego Centrum Analiz Geopolitycznych" Sawinski is the Uniwersytetu Śląskiego PhD – University of Silesia – he prepares a thesis on "The geopolitical ideas of Jean Thiriart."


The geopolitician and Polish researcher develops at length in "Libya in the geopolitical concepts of PCN-NCP" the general transnational action of the  PCN-NCP and mine for over 25 years, amplified and continued in that of  MEDD-RCM (the pan-European network of the Libyan RMC, remained organized in Europe). And its roots in the work of the pan-European leader and theorist Jean THIRIART in the 60s. He outlines the important and influential role played by the transnational Organisation of the PCN-NCP as a school of thought and "think tank" (as understood by the Anglo-Saxons).


Finally, he reaches the heart of his presentation: the ties with the Libyan Jamahiriya, the proximity of Muammar Gaddafi's geopolitical theories with mine (in 2004 I became the Coordinator-General of RCM in Europe) and the PCN-NCP on the Eurasian Greater Europe, the necessary emergence of a multipolar world, the Mediterranean conceived as a place of common civilization, or the role of Bridge of Libya between the European and African Unions.


Sawinski finally evokes the theme of Direct Democracy (in its Libyan and European versions), the role it plays in my mind and that of MEDD-RCM as a fundamental alternative to bourgeois parliamentarism.


The Polish version of the conference – with French and English summaries, has been the subject of an issue of LIBYA NEWS & FACTS (No. 2054, November 17, 2010), the Bulletin of CEREDD;

Pdf available at: http://ceredd.free.fr/accueil.htm 


Polish version also on:

Znaczenie Libii w geopolitycznych koncepcjach Nacjonal-Europejskiej Partii Komunitarnej (PCN)





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