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La Cause des Peuples-The Peoples’ Cause / 2013 03 06 /


La muerte del comandante –

"We have just received the most tragic and awful information we could tell our people. At 4.25pm, (8:55 p.m. GMT) today, March 5, our President Hugo Chávez Frias died”, announced Vice President Nicolas Maduro, in tears, on public television.


President Hugo Chavez, 58 years old and the head of Venezuela for nearly 15 years, has just died of a cancer that had kept him out of power for several months.


We lost a comrade, friend of Castro and Gaddafi whose Direct Democracy he tried to adjust in a Latin American version. Spokesman of the Bolivarian Revolution, combining socialism, anti-imperialism and Pan American nationalism of liberation , Chavez was a Latin American version of our pan-European ideology.


But if men die, ideas and symbols are immortal. Hugo Chavez has just joined the heroic legion of those who, beyond death, continue the fight in the heart of men and women of courage and honor. He joined Che Guevara and the Libertador Bolivar …


Hasta siempre Comandante Chavez!

We will never forget you.

The fight continues for the Peoples' Cause against imperialism and exploitation …






The journey of a revolutionary leader:


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