Luc MICHEL speaks of the "Axis Caracas Tripoli "and the friendship between Chavez and Gaddafi, the Direct Democracy and the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya …


English summary of the interview.

By Karel Huybrechts for EODE-TV /

with EODE Press Office – Radio Cameroun – Cameroon Voice Website /

28 April 2013 /


Long programme (over 2h) "SANS DETOUR" (Straight Talk) (*) this Sunday, April 28, 2013 about "Chavez and the future of Chavism"

hosted by Christian Musampa and Joli Beau Koube with Luc MICHEL as guest star.


Luc MICHEL "specialist in geopolitics and revolutionary ideologies, what recognize even his bitterest opponents, not only has expertise and encyclopedic knowledge. He especially has a vision of the world and follows a strategic agenda. Unlike many intellectuals, he is also a man of action and organization, endowed with a real pedagogic talent to make intelligible the most complex situations, "explained already the radio VOICE OF AFRICA ( Tripoli) in 2007.


We have another example with the programme devoted to him on Sunday by the international Frenchspeaking radio RADIO CAMEROUN (Yaounde, Montreal/Quebec and New-York). Programme which raised the central question "After Chavez, where is the Bolivarian Revolution going to?"


* Luc MICHEL drew up a broad picture – geopolitical, ideological, historical – of seven decades of anti-imperialist struggle in Latin America, broaching as well the roots of Chavism as its alliances and its future.


Topics include: Chavez, Social Base of Chavism, Bolivarian Revolution, Peronism, Juan and Evita Peron, National Bolshevism, Che Guevara, Cuba, Fidel and Raul Castro, Arbenz, Mercosur, Alba, Peruvian revolutionary nationalism, Morales, Bolivia, Peru , Omala, Brazil, Lula, Argentina, Menem, Kirschner, Monroe Doctrine, Yankee Imperialism, Bolivar, Indian uprisings, nativism, Tupac Amaru, Tupamaros, Chile, Pinochet, Videla …


* He particularly decrypts the burning situation in Venezuela, saying "unlike most analysts" that "the creeping pro-American coup has just begun."


Topics include: colour revolutions, "Arab Spring, OTPOR / CANVAS, techniques of creeping coups, Chile, McCain, Venezuelan opposition, Maduro Capriles, Radonski, 2002 coup in Caracas, NDO, CIA, Venezuela presidential elections 2013, Yugoslavia, Milosevic, Ukraine, Georgia, …


* But the programme went beyond this central theme, referring to the international alliances of  Chavez and the "anti-American Front," as defined by Luc MICHEL, and his controversial friendships in the West.


Topics: Belarus, Lukashenko, Ba'athist Syria, Ba'athist Iraq, China, Russia, Putin, KPRF, Ziuganov, PCN, Libya, Iran, New World Order, the African Union …


* Luc MICHEL, specialist of the Libyan Jamahiriya, topic he has totally possessed for 25 years, both analyst, theorist and actor with his MEDD-RCM of the Jamahiryan Revolution, also of course discussed at length the "Axis Caracas Tripoli "and the friendship between Chavez and Gaddafi.


Topics: Direct Democracy, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Gaddafi, "Somalisation" of post NTC Libya, Participatory Democracy, Porto Allegre, MCR / Libyan Revolutionary Committees, MEDD-RCM, Pan-Africanism, bourgeois parliamentarism …


* The last part of the show was devoted to the "Socialism of the 21st century" and real socialism in Venezuela. Topic Luc MICHEL has dealed since the early 80s. One owes him, long before the Chavez years, the term "Socialism of the 21st century" in a brochure on "Communitarian Socialism" in 1985.

Beyond Chavez Socialism, Luc MICHEL speaks at length of the internal problems of compared socialist economies, their various attempts at reform. Including Hungary of the eighties (the "goulash socialism"), Lukashenko 'post-Soviet' Belarus, but also Libyan "Jamahiryan socialism", Chinese way or Cuba. He also refers to "the fundamental opposition today" between Statism/Command Economy and Globalization/ultra-liberalism.


Topics: compared socialist Economies, bureaucracy, globalization, command economy, statist ideology, transition process, Hungarian way, Chinese way, Soviet NEP, Bolivarian socialism, Russian oligarchs, Putin's Russia …


* The show closes with an evocation of the challenges facing Chavism. And where Luc MICHEL concludes on an optimistic note, recalling the survival of Peronism, which, decades after Juan and Evita Peron, heads again Argentina.




# Audio (French only, unfortunatly) / MP3 broadcast on the Website of EODE-TV:



EODE TV / Luc MICHEL: CAMEROON RADIO interview on Chavez (2013 04 28) (part 1) on http://vimeo.com/65008407

EODE TV / Luc MICHEL: CAMEROON RADIO interview on Chavez (2013 04 28) (part 2) on http://vimeo.com/65012849

EODE TV / Luc MICHEL: CAMEROON RADIO interview on Chavez (2013 04 28) (Part 3) on http://vimeo.com/65014089

EODE TV / Luc MICHEL: CAMEROON RADIO interview on Chavez (2013 04 28) (part 4) on http://vimeo.com/65052080



(*) SANS DETOUR (Straight Talk) is every Sundays at 1 p.m. (Montreal / New York), 7 p.m. in Yaounde

the radio link http://cameroonvoice.com/radio/radio.html


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