Mashriq Meeting for Defending Syria stresses support to Syria against imperialism and terrorism …


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2013 07 06 /




Beirut – Mashriq Meeting for Defending Syria stressed support to Syria in face of the U.S. imperialism and its allies and the takfiri terrorism which is targeting the Syrian state and society.

In a concluding statement, the Mashriq Meeting for Defending Syria said that the participants bend in appreciation for the heroic sacrifices of the Syrian people, voicing support to the Syrian army and rejecting all forms of imperialist military intervention.


The Meeting called on the Arab states to reject all forms of aggressive interference in Syria and the political, sectarian and ethnic instigation which is aimed at fragmenting the unity of the Syrian society and prolonging the war.

The statement called on the national forces in the government and the opposition to be aware about the danger of the crisis in Syria and to exert efforts to establish a united national front  based on democratic participation and cooperation.


"The ability of this front to organize dialogue and consolidate national unity precedes any foreign dialogue and international initiatives because the only solution to the crisis in Syria is in the hands of the Syrian citizens themselves," the statement added.

The Meeting stressed support to Syria's decision to launch popular resistance to liberate the occupied Golan .




The activities of the Mashriq Meeting for Defending Syria began on Friday in Beirut, Lebanon, with the participation of over 100 political, media and intellectual figures from Syria, Lebanon and other Arab countries.

Speeches delivered at the meeting stressed the need to confront those who work to damage Syria and weaken its regional role, calling for ensuring Syria's victory in its battle against terrorism.


The participants said that this meeting affirms solidarity among the countries of the Mashriq (the part of the Middle East north of the Arab Peninsula and east of Egypt) and that Syria's battle is the battle of all of the countries in this area.

They said the meeting also seeks to send a message of support to the resistance and the Syrian Army which is confronting terrorism, voicing confidence that the war on Syria will end and rebuilding will commence afterwards.


Participants said that those who falsely wear the mantle of Arabs are working with foreign intelligence agencies to undermine Syria, with the NATO, the neo-Ottomans Turkish AKP and the oil sheikhdoms summoning criminals and psychopaths from across the world and sending them against the Syrian state.


They said that the achievements of the Syrian Army changed the situation on the ground as well as the international balance of power, lauding the Russian and Chinese positions in support of Syria's sovereignty and right to self-determination.




The participants affirmed that the Wahabi kingdoms of ignorance are unable to defeat the civilized and compassionate Syrian society, stressing that the world has been misled and misdirected for over two years, with the regressive Arab Gulf regimes – in collusion with the west – depicting the aggression on Syria as a revolutionary act, while facts prove each day that this aggression only seeks to destroy Syria's unity, army and society.


Other participants said in statements to SANA that this meeting breaks the borders drawn by Sykes-Picot and colonial forces, and that Syria inspired the Arabs to have faith in themselves and to stand fast in their land.


They voiced confidence that Syria's victory over the aggression targeting it is imminent, and that those who defend Syria are moving forward while the forces set against Syria are faltering both on the ground and in the political arenas.





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