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"Warmonger is who is against the international intervention in Libya , and certainly not us who are builders of peace"

– Enrico Letta , then assistant secretary of the Partito Democratico

(now Italian Prime Minister ) in March 2011.


In a previous leader, I announced a "new NATO intervention in Libya"? For the skeptical readers, the operation is accurate and is already underway! It was assigned to … Italy. That is to say, the former colonial power permanently expelled by Gaddafi in 1969. Italy, which under the reactionary monarchy, then Mussolinian fascism, committed massacres, war crimes (in particular with gas) concentration camps. And executed the Libyan national hero Omar Muktar. This one precisely the junta of Islamic monarchists of the Benghazi NTC dare claim. Those who are precisely installed now in Tripoli by NATO – the CIA agents Zeidan, Megaryeff and Hifter – and who are with the pretext of their former allies, the Islamist militias from the NTC katibas – the harbingers of the recolonisation of Libya.


The Italian daily IL MANIFESTO gives details of the operation: "Now , while Libya flows into the chaos caused by the" builders of peace , " the time for action has arrived. Admiral William H. McRaven , head of the U.S. Command for Special Operations , has announced that a new mission is about to be launched : train and arm the Libyan force of 5-7 thousand soldiers and " a smaller unit , separate, for specialized missions against terrorism. " Specialists from the Pentagon and NATO are already in Libya to choose men. But , given the internal situation , they will be trained outside the country , almost certainly in Italy ( in particular Sicily and Sardinia ) and perhaps also in Bulgaria, according to a schedule under the orders of the Pentagon Africa Command ."


The recruited : the same Islamists from the so-called NTC which destroyed Libya. Admiral McRaven does not hide that "there are risks : some of the participants in training may not have a clean record." "It is therefore very likely that among them are common criminals or militiamen who tortured and murdered  (elements , once in Italy , can move freely ) . And among those who are trained in Italy there will also be the guardians of the Libyan lager where migrants are locked up ," says Il Manifesto .


Italy is in political, economic and financial crisis. But for NATO, as in Belgium or France, there is money. The Italian taxpayer will pay ! "For training and supporting of these men , the funds already earmarked for Libya in the mission decree which is being examined by the ( Italian) parliament will be insufficient : it will need other ones much more consistent , always taken in the public coffers . Italy will contribute in this way to train troops that , being de facto ​​under the orders of the USA / NATO commandments, will only be nominally Libyan : in reality they will have the role that had formerly colonial native troops ."


We share about it totally the Manifesto analysis . "The goal of the mission is not to stabilize Libya to once again become an independent nation , but to control Libya, in fact already balkanized , its precious energy resources and its strategically important territory."


Anyway after destroying a prosperous and powerful nation, to somalize it. To return then to occupy it under the pretext of restoring order . Colonial … But for those who know the history of Somalia – the term " somalize " is trendy but lacking historical memory – it was just the tragic fate of the laboratory of the "Chaos U.S. strategic Theory" in Africa ! Who today remembers the Somali state in development , the regional power of the 80s, and the socialist regime of Siad Barre?


As in socialist Afghanistan, allied with the USSR, or in socialist Jamahiriya of Gaddafi, Siad Barre had broken the matrix of the clan and tribal destiny. The fate of Somalia is also similar to that of socialist Afghanistan. A downward spiral caused by U.S. imperialism and its manipulation of tribes, ethnic groups, clans and Islamists. Not to mention the disputes between Somalia and its neighbors.

Since 2011, with the same methods, the same scenario and the same actors, this is also the tragic fate of Libya …






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